Friday, September 25, 2009

Our Happy Family

I suppose it's time for some updated pictures, huh!? Shewww, time flies by!

So...what has our little family been doing?

We've been chillaxin:

Playin' in Jammies:

Posing for pictures:

Visiting family in KY:



Going to Church:

Traveling to Cali for a vacay:

Visiting the SD Temple:

Going to the San Diego Zoo:

Going to a Padres game: (My first pro-anything! Very cool!)

Hangin' at the beach:

(Shannon coming in from catchin' some waves)
Waking up happy:

Licking on my feet/toes:

Besides that, I've just been trying to get myself in gear and get going with teaching flute lessons and getting back into makeup classes. Shannon has been working. He just changed stations. He's now at one of the busiest stations in the nation: Station 1. He's been studying Paramedic stuff, and subbing PE! haha. Keshlyn- well she just does what she does best: keeps gettin' cuter!