Saturday, February 21, 2009

Baby, Baby!

So, Shannon and I have definitely narrowed our bedding down to #1 or #3...thanks to the help of you guys and others on Facebook and Myspace. We are still arguing over which one exactly though. I have a feeling that "Mommy" will get her way with #1. We shall see!

Here are some new pics.
20 Weeks:

26 wks 2 days:

Oh, BABY!!!! 17 pounds and counting!

About 13 weeks to go!!!

Going to our first Labor and Delivery Tour today!
We are looking at Mountain View and Summerlin Hospital.
We are leaning more toward Summerlin because it is considered the top hospital for high risk deliveries. Although RH negative mothers are at little to no risk these days with giving birth, I want to be on the safe side and go to a hospital that could handle any possible complications with my RH negative delivery.

Any advice on choosing a hospital?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Baby Bedding

So, we have narrowed our baby bedding choices down and still need help making the final decision! Please help! I plan on painting the room a soft pink... possibly half and half. Half pink, half green? Not sure yet. Our baby furniture is most likely going to be white and I am definitely looking for bedding with a pink and green mix. Here are our final nominees:


Pink Paisley Splash

(I LOVE Paisley!)


La Petite Bebe Princess

(Couldn't find the best pictures for this bedding, but in the store it is super cute. Princess crowns, ballet shoes, tutus...what more could I ask for?)


A La Mode

(This is Shannon's favorite. Note- we are not fans of wall paper border. This picture looks a little overdone but I love the pink and green combo.)

Baby Pink Paisley
(I love paisley and this one is super cute because it looks more like a baby print. Do NOT like their choice of green for this room though!)

Vote for your favorite!