Thursday, February 5, 2009

Baby Bedding

So, we have narrowed our baby bedding choices down and still need help making the final decision! Please help! I plan on painting the room a soft pink... possibly half and half. Half pink, half green? Not sure yet. Our baby furniture is most likely going to be white and I am definitely looking for bedding with a pink and green mix. Here are our final nominees:


Pink Paisley Splash

(I LOVE Paisley!)


La Petite Bebe Princess

(Couldn't find the best pictures for this bedding, but in the store it is super cute. Princess crowns, ballet shoes, tutus...what more could I ask for?)


A La Mode

(This is Shannon's favorite. Note- we are not fans of wall paper border. This picture looks a little overdone but I love the pink and green combo.)

Baby Pink Paisley
(I love paisley and this one is super cute because it looks more like a baby print. Do NOT like their choice of green for this room though!)

Vote for your favorite!


  1. I love 1 or 3! But they are all so cute... Girls are So much fun

  2. I vote for #3. Such cute choices and I love the pink and green. One suggestion though--don't paint both pink and green. Madelyn's room was painted half and half when we moved in and it was just too much. I'd stick with the pink and then accent with green. Have fun! Are you having a baby shower?

  3. I love both 3 and 4 I can see why it is so hard to choose! they are all so blasted cute! Addies room is light sage green and light pink, so of course Addie and I are big fans of the baby bedding. Oh I can't wait for you! When is your baby shower?

  4. I also vote for #3. They are all so cute though! How fun to get your little girl's room ready! :)

  5. I love 1 or 3. Wow I just saw that Amanda said the same thing. I did my girls room in our last house green. It was so cute but I wouldn't paint all the walls green ever again. I would do pink and accent green. I'm sure it will be darling. Can't wait to see pictures.

  6. I LOVE paisley too! they are all cute! i like the first paisley one.

  7. hey girlie! my vote is for #1 or #4 i love the paisley too! sooo cute! Oh and about the makeup no worries! i appreciate the call! i feel some makeup artist are way over priced so i'm glad she could see that with my prices! i am flexable and will always work out a deal! :) we need to get together soon! xo