Saturday, February 21, 2009

Baby, Baby!

So, Shannon and I have definitely narrowed our bedding down to #1 or #3...thanks to the help of you guys and others on Facebook and Myspace. We are still arguing over which one exactly though. I have a feeling that "Mommy" will get her way with #1. We shall see!

Here are some new pics.
20 Weeks:

26 wks 2 days:

Oh, BABY!!!! 17 pounds and counting!

About 13 weeks to go!!!

Going to our first Labor and Delivery Tour today!
We are looking at Mountain View and Summerlin Hospital.
We are leaning more toward Summerlin because it is considered the top hospital for high risk deliveries. Although RH negative mothers are at little to no risk these days with giving birth, I want to be on the safe side and go to a hospital that could handle any possible complications with my RH negative delivery.

Any advice on choosing a hospital?


  1. you have got to be the cutest prego lady out there! Your lil belly and your tiny lil self. So cute. Girl! on the hospital issue. Go do a labor/delivery hospital tour at each hospital your considering, and whichever one YOU Y-O-U feel best about register there. If you pre-register at the hospital you want to deliver at then check-in is a breeze. Pretty much we have alot of good hospitals here for labor/delivery. Your gonna hear good and bad for all of them. Go with your mommytuition. luvins

  2. Maybe just talk to random nurses and ask them an annoying question and see how they respond. If they're thoughtful and kind, even though you're asking an annoying question while they're busy, you've got a keeper! :) Good luck! P.S. I really like paisley too, but it might be too much in #1 (for me anyway). I'd have to see it up close and in person to be sure. :)

  3. Hey I as thinking if you like paisley so much, that would be a cute cute cute girls name. Paisley Girl! SO thats what I'll call her for now, yup paisley baby.

  4. You are so dang cute! I wish I just got a little soccer ball!:) We would love to come for dinner let me check with Devin's schedule to make sure he doesn't have any stake meetiongs and I'll call you probbaly friday. We are excited to get to know you guys better! talk to you tomorrow! ;)

  5. You've got to be around 33 weeks now! Getting SO close! YAY!!! :) Baby girls are the most perfect, darling, wonderful, magical, cutest, sweetest things in the whole wide world! Post more pics! :)