Friday, September 25, 2009

Our Happy Family

I suppose it's time for some updated pictures, huh!? Shewww, time flies by!

So...what has our little family been doing?

We've been chillaxin:

Playin' in Jammies:

Posing for pictures:

Visiting family in KY:



Going to Church:

Traveling to Cali for a vacay:

Visiting the SD Temple:

Going to the San Diego Zoo:

Going to a Padres game: (My first pro-anything! Very cool!)

Hangin' at the beach:

(Shannon coming in from catchin' some waves)
Waking up happy:

Licking on my feet/toes:

Besides that, I've just been trying to get myself in gear and get going with teaching flute lessons and getting back into makeup classes. Shannon has been working. He just changed stations. He's now at one of the busiest stations in the nation: Station 1. He's been studying Paramedic stuff, and subbing PE! haha. Keshlyn- well she just does what she does best: keeps gettin' cuter!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Welcome to the world Keshlyn Jolee!!!

Keshlyn Jolee entered this world on May 23rd at 4:36 am on a Saturday. She weighed in at 7 lbs. 14 oz and was 20 inches long. (This was a week early...imagine if I had went the whole time! yikes!) Labor went pretty well. 19 hours was a long time, but well worth it. I handled the contractions pretty well. I'm not going to lie though...I got an epidural at 7 centimeters. I wish I would have waited a little longer though...I actually didn't like the feeling of the epidural. I don't like not being able to move my legs- not to mention that at first I also couldn't feel up as far as my boobs! But, by the time I started to push, it had worn off enough that I could move my legs a little and feel all the pressure so I knew when to push. It had worn off A LOT by the time she started stitching me up...yowsers. I had a nasty little tear, lots of stictches and then tore some sutures with the much dreaded first bowel movement! Ouch! All in all though, it was an AMAZING experience. Mountain View hospital was absolutely wonderful. I loved my nurses. They were very sensitive to my needs and were like my very personal cheerleaders encouraging me along the way. Ok, so enough about me....I know, I know. You want to see Keshlyn... So here is our little love muffin!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Yes, We're still alive!

It has been WAY too long since I have written anything on the blog. Just been crazy busy with life and it's about to get crazier! What have we been up to since February? Well... Let's see. In a brief little decription: work, work, work! Put in landscaping. Added curtains, rug and throw pillows to living room! Traveled to Texas for work and Kentucky for my Mom's wedding.
Been to three weddings. Helped plan 2 of them. One of which was for my boss's daughter and it was an entire week ordeal....very tiring (as you can tell in the very first picture it was a long wedding night)! Shannon had a birthday. I had a baby shower.

We got a new (well, new to us) Dodge Ram 1500 to replace our good ol' Dodge Stratus that pretty much blew up on us! We put the baby's room together and I have been to many doctor's appointments. Planned six weeks of primary music time for my little munchkins at church so I don't have to worry about that for a while once the baby comes!
Shannon has played a bit of softball the past few weeks and now I'm exhausted from the day's tasks! Tomorrow is mine and Shannon's last day together as "just the 2 of us!" We have to take advantage of the day! First, I am going to root him on at a Fireman Softball tournatment. Then, we are going to go see Angels & Demons, go to dinner and just enjoy the day together. On Friday, we will officially be parents. I'm being induced that morning at Mountain View Hospital. Doctor Gondy is concerned that our little love bug is going to be too large for me to deliver if we wait too much longer. I'm really curious to see how much this munchkin weighs! We are excited to have an addition to our family. It will be such a relief to finally meet Keshlyn Jolee.

Pictures of baby room and other things that's happened lately to follow soon! Promise! I'm just exhausted and it's time for beddy bye!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Baby, Baby!

So, Shannon and I have definitely narrowed our bedding down to #1 or #3...thanks to the help of you guys and others on Facebook and Myspace. We are still arguing over which one exactly though. I have a feeling that "Mommy" will get her way with #1. We shall see!

Here are some new pics.
20 Weeks:

26 wks 2 days:

Oh, BABY!!!! 17 pounds and counting!

About 13 weeks to go!!!

Going to our first Labor and Delivery Tour today!
We are looking at Mountain View and Summerlin Hospital.
We are leaning more toward Summerlin because it is considered the top hospital for high risk deliveries. Although RH negative mothers are at little to no risk these days with giving birth, I want to be on the safe side and go to a hospital that could handle any possible complications with my RH negative delivery.

Any advice on choosing a hospital?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Baby Bedding

So, we have narrowed our baby bedding choices down and still need help making the final decision! Please help! I plan on painting the room a soft pink... possibly half and half. Half pink, half green? Not sure yet. Our baby furniture is most likely going to be white and I am definitely looking for bedding with a pink and green mix. Here are our final nominees:


Pink Paisley Splash

(I LOVE Paisley!)


La Petite Bebe Princess

(Couldn't find the best pictures for this bedding, but in the store it is super cute. Princess crowns, ballet shoes, tutus...what more could I ask for?)


A La Mode

(This is Shannon's favorite. Note- we are not fans of wall paper border. This picture looks a little overdone but I love the pink and green combo.)

Baby Pink Paisley
(I love paisley and this one is super cute because it looks more like a baby print. Do NOT like their choice of green for this room though!)

Vote for your favorite!