Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blue and Gold!!!

Well, just this past weekend Shannon, some great friends, and I journeyed out to good ol' Logandale, NV where we celebrated Moapa Valley Pirate Homecoming at the football game! The Pirates were victorious that Friday night. The weather was perfect with a little bit of a chill that made it perfect football weather....or marching band weather as I really call it! This time of year is when marching band season is coming to a close and the football game brought back so many memories. I have been reminiscing today with a few tears I must admit!

It is neat to think about the similarities that Moapa Valley High School and my High School share- the main similarity being our colors! Only the bold wear BLUE and GOLD! Just check out our school shirts:

Anyway... one similarity they do not share is Marching Band. When I think about all that my kids will miss out on living out west it makes me sad. This isn't a stab at anyone who grew up here and thinks that it's great, it's just that my kids will have to grow up completely different than I did which I think is sad. I wish they could experience all four seasons and all the fun and adventures that brings. And most importantly, if our children did want to be in band- they will have to experience the poorest quality out here. No offense to Nevadans, but band is something that is chuckled at and made fun of overall. Back home in states such as Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, and Illinois, marching band is huge, exciting, and competitive. Marching Band takes up hours of kids weeks, lots of hard work and dedication, and is not considered the "dorky" thing to do. Here, it is just a joke. Because I am feeling nostalgic, humor me and watch this clip of one of my favorite professional marching bands back east from Illinois. A show is about 10 minutes. If you don't want to spare that much time- just skip ahead and watch from 7:20 to the end because that is the most exciting part.

This is what marching band is like back east. Enjoy my passion that will be sadly missed by my children! : (

I'm so excited that I get to go home and attend my brother's last performance with Muhlenberg North Marching Stars at State Finals on November 1st! Go Stars!


  1. What a fun weekend--and that is funny about your school colors. Matt's and mine were the same too! Oh wait, that's cuz we graduated from the same high school (go Bulldogs!). Yeah, you're right, marching band is a dorky thing to do out here. I put in 2 years, but then gave it up.

    Did your friend tell you we randomly ran into each other at a care facility in Utah? Crazy! We were visiting my grandparents and they were visiting her mom. We just happened to walk out at the same time.

    Oh, and we really do need to have you guys over. Life has just been crazy, as usual. We'll plan something soon!

  2. I totally agree with you. I was in band and we did a little marching but you are so right, marching bands here really are not great! Oh and my school had the same colors and they were great! Glad you had a fun weekend!

  3. Hey! Thanks for the Halloween party compliment! I was just talking to Bryan last night about how Shannon dressed up as a full grown Spiderman last year and I didn't know who was knocking on my door. LOL! :) Fun times. . .

    I'm not sure which address they used to mail out the shower invites. I'll text you our address. :) Have fun in Kentucky!!!