Monday, August 9, 2010

My Very Own Transformation

You want to know why I love cosmetics so much? Read on then...

WARNING: May not be suitable for children as there may be a couple disturbing, horrific images!

I wanted to show you just how good the Maybelline Dream Mousse foundation (from my previous post) is so I decided to be brave and show you my very own transformation of before and after... take a look if you dare!

1. See what Shannon has to wake up to? Don't you feel sorry for him? I do! This is a clean face that has been toned, exfoliated, moisturized, and protected with spf 30! And you can't forget the lips! Make sure they're smooth and moist to begin makeup application!

P.S. I could type all day about the things that I don't like about my face/skin... crooked/prominent nose, light eyes that need help to stand out, uneven skin tone...blah blah blah but I guess you can just see for yourself! haha

 2. WOW! Come on! Look at the difference...even skin tone! It looks totally natural like a new set of skin! See why I'm in love? This is The Dream Mousse Liquid Foundation that dries matte and when used with a stippling brush (see last post as well) it looks airbrushed and natural! I also have on the Maybelline Age Rewind Face Perfecter Concealer under my eyes and around my nose (I tend to have redness there). Also, can you tell which eye I already curled the lashes on and filled in the brow? It is my left eye (so the one on the right for're welcome for the help! lol) See how much more open and enticing that eye looks than the other one? Many people don't bother with either of those steps- curling lashes and filling in brows- but EVERYONE can benefit from these steps. Almost everyone's brows are a little sparse (just take a look at my other one) and curling lashes makes your eyes instantly look more open and awake. Asian eyes can greatly benefit from this!

3. In this picture I've filled in both brows, curled both lashes, added color to my cheeks, a little bronzer, primed my eyelids with the awesome Too-Faced Eye Shadow Insurance, and also applied flesh-toned lip liner. I  have also set my face with Sonia Kashuk's "Naked" translucent powder. It ensures a long lasting application and also gets rid of excess oils that may be on the face which mattifies and aids the "airbrushed" look. And yes, I even powdered over my lip liner! And repeated the process. This will create long lasting color!

4. In the last photo, I have added clear lip gloss and have applied eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. 2 coats! Here's a better glance of before and after:

tip- click on the pic to make it larger.

Have I convinced you to try my new foundation? I hope so! I love it!

P.S. The lighting keeps making the top of my hair look yellow! But, I assure you it isn't! : )

Check out my updated portfolio on I added Whitney Swann Kness wedding day makeup app!


  1. FIRST of all!!!! YOu are so stinkin gorgeous with no make up on. Shannon is a lucky guy! The "transformation" was beautiful though. You look stunning before and after. I love make up too!

  2. i agree, i'm still trying to find out what is wrong with the "before" photo.if these were mine, the first would be "mon-sat" look and the last would be "date night and church" look.

    i do love the make up tips.

  3. I love this post!! I'm seriously thinking about using that foundation now. I don't use any right now, just spot treat with concealer and brush loose powder over. Of course, I wear a little blush and eye makeup!

  4. You guys are too nice! Thank you for the support! lol . I'm glad you enjoyed the post though!

    Rach- you should give it a shot! I like it a lot! A little goes a long way! xoxo

  5. Beautiful I wish I could have you come do my make-up everyday. Shannon is a lucky guy waking up to you every morning.

  6. I used to use that stuff and I must have not been using it right, It looks fabulous on you, however you did not need makeup in the first place! CANNOT BELIEVE IT! You look great without makeup too? Beautiful on the inside and out!