Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Case of The Uglies

So, you know how some kids are just cute? Well, Shannon liked to point out to me that I was the Ugly Duckling that turned into the Beautiful Swan! How romantic, right? He sure does know the right things to say to melt my heart.:)

The age of awkwardness is about to be unleashed. And it would only be fair to include a couple of Shannon, right? I dare you to add a picture of your awkward years to your blog or facebook...unless of course you're the kid who was just always the cutest. In that case, get off my blog. Now! haha. I joke. I kid.

It all started with cuteness:


And then apparently we were both in weddings and it went down hill from there...

All I can say on the next one is "bahahahahahahaha!" Chubbers and bowl cut?


Awww Shanny're decked out in your scouts gear. What a stud! LOL.

Ouch...seriously? What AM I wearing? And what can I say... from day 1 I've always been hair-style challenged. If there's one thing this girl doesn't know, it's how to fix cute hair. This picture is proof.

And last picture...yuck! Shannon, you're lucky your mom didn't send me more of you!

According to him I have really transformed. I would say I definitely look different. That's for dang sure.

This is what I looked like when Shannon finally met me:
(Me and my home girl, Laura. :) Our senior pic)

This is what Shannon looked like his Senior year... He's in the front throwing out the "we're number 1" finger. Man...looking at him in this picture makes my knees weak and my heart skip a beat. This was back when he thought it was still cool to bleach his hair. Now he wouldn't put color in his hair for a million bucks.

This was our engagement photo:

This is what we look like most recently (almost 7 years from the previous picture)

And they lived happily ever after. The end.

Did we go through a case of the uglies? I think maybe. So, I apologize in advance to these two.

It all started out with cuteness...

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