Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Boy or Girl?

Yesterday I had an ultrasound and it was a great opportunity to check for the gender. My doctor was so nice to do this a few weeks early! As she began the ultrasound, the baby was all curled up in a ball with his/her legs tightly closed. Doctor Gondy tried for a long time to get the baby to move and reposition but Baby Phill was not having it. He/she just kept kicking and closing legs right back into position (not to mention the umbilical cord was between the baby's legs). Clearly, we have a very conservative baby! I guess we will try again in 3 weeks (20 weeks preg) when the gender ultrasound is actually supposed to take place. Shannon is so anxious to find out "what kind it is" (exact words). There goes telling the family for Christmas! Shucks...

How far along were some of you when you found out the gender?


  1. Ha ha--who would've thought Keshia would have such a modest baby :) That stinks that you can't find out before Christmas though. I found out with Madelyn at 19 weeks. Apparently she was pretty obvious, but I sure couldn't tell! We can't wait to see you guys Thursday!

  2. I don't think I found out about Caleb until almost
    21 weeks! It's so nice to know "what kind it is" to feel like he/she is really real. Are you feeling him/her move yet?

  3. We found out at 16 weeks, but only on accident. We went in right after the car accident and doctor asked us if we wanted to know and told us "it looked pretty girlish to him, but he couldn't tell for sure." Three weeks later - - it was confirmed! YAY! Sorry that he/she was stubborn. Yay for three weeks though!