Thursday, September 16, 2010

All About Keshia Part 2

So, apparently people are turned off by book reviews...or at least those of a religious nature? I've always thought blogging would be super fun if more people commented or participated. Maybe people don't read? Maybe no one is inspired by other stories/books/articles? No other stories make people think about being a better person? More motivated to do more with themselves? No? It's just me? Hmmm....?

Well- at any rate- here it is.  More about me. Maybe this will be worth reading!? haha

1. I chew my fingernails like there is no tomorrow.

2. Shannon forbids me to wear white because I WILL SPILL! I'm so messy!

3. I'm very clumsy and run into walls ALL the time!

4. Weird pet peeve- I HATE repeating myself. If Shannon doesn't hear me the first time, he won't hear it because I won't repeat.

5. Don't really care for pie- but my favorite one is Pecan.

6. I poop dial...that's right. You MAY be a victim! It's one of the few times I can use the phone!

7. I sing in the shower.

8. I check the locks on my doors about 3 times before I go to bed (only when Shannon's not home).

9. I seriously have a phobia of snakes! I have nightmares sometimes that one is slithering into my bed! AHHHHHHH

10. I'm pretty serious about selling my life story to the Women's Channel or Lifetime. From childhood til now- there is always drama, a twist or turn, a romance, a laugh... I got it all! Who knows, maybe I'll be the next Stephenie Meyer, write a book about it from my journal excerpts, and be makin' 40 mil+ a year by 2012?!

11. I can't stand crumbs or dirtiness in the silverware tray. That's just gross!

12. Caution: TMI- I clog the toilet usually once a day. Shannon and I laugh about this often. (QUICK STORY. ok, ok...I know I'm getting real personal right here, so if "doodie" talk is just a little too much for you to stomach- skip this part: I was on a high school trip and I really had to GO! So I did my business in our hotel bathroom while my roomies were in someone else's room hanging out. Unfortunately, I clogged the toilet and didn't know what to do. I sat there contemplating, "Do I call the front desk and be completely humiliated or do I try and solve my problem myself and keep it a little secret?" hmm....I went with option number 2 (number 2...haha. No pun intended...I'm funny sometimes and don't even realize it! jk.) So I looked around me for tools...what can I use? Nothing in the bathroom, so I opened the door and peeked out to make sure that everyone's still gone. Coast is clear. Phew. I glance over to the sink and mirror right outside the bathroom door and see plastic cups neatly stacked near the ice bucket. Score! I hurried to grab a cup and shut the door. I was so grateful for that little cup to be able to shorten up a certain "something" so that "it" could easily go down this time! Don't worry, my hands touched nothing! I was gagging but it was worth it to me at the time. My little "toilet operation" worked and "it" went smooth sailing. My embarrassment would go unnoticed...except I was laughing so hard afterwards that I was crying and I couldn't keep it in and ended up telling my roomies. They, of course, told EVERYONE on the trip. Good thing I'm not embarrassed easily! At the end of the year on "awards night" at school, I was given such an honorable award...a plunger. I was so flattered! BHAHAHAHAH!

13. I am distracted SUPER easily.

14. I hate all the "parties" people have! I swear I'm invited to one every month! Pampered chef (which I actually like their stuff), Mary Kay, etc...I don't like going to them and feeling the "pressure" of having to buy something to support the seller!

15.I have absolutely NO concept of time or distance. If I tell you I'll be there in 15- you might as well imagine I said 30-45 minutes because that's what it will be! Yes, I annoy myself with this! And I feel sorry for my husband with this one because he HATES being late ANYWHERE! THen I just gently remind him of the song, "Waitin' on a Woman" by Brad Paisley, and what a privilege it is! doesn't buy it.

16. I had popcorn every night last week. Popcorn and pizza. Seriously. Are there any better food choices?

17. I am a people watcher. I am quite good at picking up on everyone's mood and feelings towards others in a group setting...even when others don't see it at all.

18. I have a weird love for colored gel pens. I used to buy a new pack each month- now I'm not so bad. But they're so pretty!!!!

19. I only develop pictures like twice a year...honestly. In January of this year I developed over 1000 prints.

20. I have this stupid little blond hair that grows to be ridiculously long on my neck! It's so hysterical because every few months when we're riding in the car and the sun hits my face just right, Shannon will say, "be still- I'll get it!" ...and I automatically know he's talking about "blondie." Isn't that so weird?! But don't EVEN get me started on hairiness... Shannon has that category COVERED!

21. I HATE jean shopping because they NEVER fit me! I can't find any that fit me. I'm in the stinkin' "in-between" stages of jeans. Petites look like they're pushing "high waters" and regulars are way too long...they have to be rolled up. And forget about the rear- jeans don't fit me there for sure. Cause baby, I ain't got back. Suggestions without breaking the bank?

22. I want to go para-sailing even though I'm petrified of heights!

23. Me *loves* funnel cakes, fried doughnuts, fried PB&J, fried, snickers, and fried pickles. But I only eat fried things a couple times a year. :(

24. 1- I'm embarrassed to admit that I secretly love this song and 2- I proudly just adopted this song as one of my new faves. (WATCH THIS ONE! P.S. Thanks, Ambs, for the addiction.)

25. I love that almost everything in my everyday life reminds me of a "FRIENDS" episode...I quote it way too much! At least Shannon gets all of "my" jokes throughout the day. I've been in bed sick for a few days and this is the only thing that has made me smile and laugh my head off... Enjoy one of my favorite scenes... click here


  1. Keshia - you are a RIOT!!

    The more I read, the more I like you. I love that you just put it all out there! We actually have a lot in common!

  2. Para sailing! I too am afraid of heights but I did do me some para sailing a few years ago with the hubby and it was SO fun! Try it! You won't be sorry!!

  3. I dearly love reading your blog. Makes me smile and say I sure wish she was closer to home. But before long I think I'll be moving closer to you. PS have you ever tried buying jeans that are shorts. I have to get longs for me and then they have reg and shorts. That might help. Miss your face!

  4. You are so funny. I cant wait until you guys move out here so we can hang out more!!!