Thursday, September 2, 2010


Disclaimer regarding this post:

My blog is a personal form of expression. It is for my pleasure to journal things (be it quotes, pictures, funny moments, beliefs…) and hopefully it is for your pleasure as well. If you find things that I say offensive, please, I invite you to not return. None of my posts are open for debate or for criticism. Out of all of the positive wonderful quotes that I listed and know that many would agree on, I had one comment from “Anonymous” telling me that I’m not Christian because I don’t believe in the trinity. This is all I will say on this and nothing more: out of all of the things that “Anonymous” could have commented on and found inspiring or interesting, they had to be negative and point out the thing we do not have in common. What ever happened to respect of others beliefs and tolerance? The whole point of the post was to spotlight the book, Mere Christianity, and to let anyone who might be interested in it to know it’s worth reading so they could check it out. I do not need for someone to come on to my personal blog and tell me what I am or am not. I know clearly who I am. I am also quite aware that much of the Christian world does believe in the trinity. However, I do not. Just as people will use scriptures to prove the trinity to be correct, I have several scriptures that would also show otherwise. It’s all in the interpretation. The Bible is full of symbolism and metaphors. I believe that They are “one” in unity and purpose; and They are the “type” for how we are all to be in our families, marriage, and His church - "one".  (For more on this subject, you may freely choose to read here) But, this is not what I will be discussing (nor debating) on my blog at any time. So please, don’t bother. This belief does not make me any less Christian. I believe and accept Jesus Christ as my Savior and Redeemer. And I know it is only through him and by him that I may be saved by grace. I am a follower of Christ and his teachings, and to me that is the true meaning of a Christian. If it is not your meaning, then so be it. It does not change who I am or what I believe and it is in no way pertinent to my post. I think it trivial for outward acceptance or approval of my title as Christian and fortunately outward acceptance is not a requirement for my Savior’s kingdom. So, “Anonymous,” your comment was unnecessary and does not in any way diminish my recommendation of C.S. Lewis’ book (which was, in its entirety, the point of my post).

May we all try to be more accepting of others beliefs that differ from our own and know when to say something negative or critical of someone else. Often times those comments are of no point and render no good consequence. Let us all find common ground with those whom we differ and be uplifting and positive towards one another.


  1. Nicely put. I agree completely. Also, I'd like to read that book!

  2. Booyah!! You go, girl! Loved this post. :) A lot. Hugs!