Friday, July 22, 2011

Crafties and Projects

What have I been up to lately? Well...I've been working on projects of course! Take a look:

I made a crayon roll. A friend found the tutorial online and we each made one. Isn't it so cute?

 It has flaws and I made the last two crayon slots on the end a little too small but that's what makes it special...that I'm a dork and always mess up! hehe
   I made a carseat cover: The zigzag handles were a bit of a pain to work around!

 I made a nursing cover:
I actually bought one and made one. I have to admit, I like mine better than the one I bought!

 I made pillow cases:
Okay, so I didn't make these yellow flower ones, but they are a perfect fit for me and my living room! Thanks, Collett for such a cute birthday present. 
 All of my throw pillows were like this plain red one:
 I transformed it into this:
 And these:

 I did vinyl lettering:
Ok, so this was done yesterday (the day before being induced) and I did some of it, but Shannon climbed up top and finished rubbing it onto the wall because I was SO HOT! I guess he didn't want to hear me complain! lol. And it wouldn't be a project by me if it wasn't a little

I also did vinyl on a glass frame for our bedroom. The darn tape shifted during pulling the backing off and so that meant it ending up being off-center. What else is new? For once, I actually don't mind. I love it. This saying was the title of the song on our wedding slideshow.
My cute bedroom... Our master bedroom is so teeny. We're lucky our furniture all fit when we moved in! Next project after baby...making curtains for our room!

If you're looking for a cute fun way to organize and hang up your necklaces, use a cute key rack or hat/coat hanger. I love mine! (Apparently, "cute" and "cutesie" are the words of the day for me!)

A new teal chest: 

I didn't make this but look at this sweet find! I love this cute little teal chest. I've been looking for some cutesie little piece of furniture to put under my tree. I found this for a great price at Ross. I'm all about the bargains.

I made curtains for my kitchen: The curtains in here used to be plain red and I needed something with a little more oomph!
The kitchen is the reason why we bought the house! I don't love how hard it is to keep clean but I sure love how great it looks when it is.

I slowly want to reveal pictures of each room in my house too. I'm constantly working on decorating. Of course, most of them are all still a work in progress but here area couple pics.

Here's our living room:

I love the easel.

The entryway: I just purchased this beautiful picture of the Savior. I love it.

Here's our "red room." A little nook for our games and to lounge.This room is proabably the least decorated. The idea is to have an "American" room. Fireman decor, American Flags, and some Baseball stuff.

Projects will slow down for a while...but don't you worry (as if you were...) I have more in store to do. :)

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  1. Your home is super CUTE Keshia! I love all your little projects...gets me motivated to be more craftly:) Oh and you haven't seen small until you've seen our TINY apartment in Chicago. I'll have to put up pics should make you feel a lot better about your master bedroom. Haha! I'm totally stealing the key rack/necklace holder...I've been wanting to find a cute way to store my jewelry. Thanks hot mama!