Friday, July 22, 2011

True craftiness: I make people

It's baby time! 

Can you believe that I made this cute little thing?

Tutu compliments of Auntie Jill and Debs! 

And I can't believe today is the day I see the results of making another person! ok...Shannon helped some! haha 
I'm catching up my blog while hanging out in Labor and Delivery getting shot up with petocin. How about comparison photos while I'm waiting... 

39 weeks- night before induction date with Keshlyn! Keshlyn was not very nice to my face in the end. I got a little puffy. At least I was able to exercise the whole time with her though! 

39 weeks: This morning! Day of induction with Kyden: Ky has definitely been kinder to my face! I gained weight in my legs this time though and couldn't work out after about half way through. Too much sciatica pain!

 I'll keep you posted with a picture of our new baby boy!!!

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