Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Adventures of The Phills

I used to do better about writing down moments of laughter between Shannon and me. Our whole life seems to be filled with jokes and humor. These are just a few of my favorite quotes and moments. We definitely keep each other laughing our way through life one day at a time. I hope to keep adding to this occasionally.

  1. Keshia: "I change lives- one laugh at a time." Shannon: "Really?" (looking like, "did you really just say that?)
  2. Shannon:  "Who do you think whistled first? Adam or Eve?" 
  3. (On a narrow, winding dirt road up the mountains to find a place to camp) Keshia: *Gasp* "Shannon, I can't see the road at all!" Shannon: "Calm down, I can't either!" Keshia: "Then hang your head out the window and do the Ace Ventura so we don't DIE!"
  4. Shannon: "Did you know that Logandale has 2 of the 3 largest trees in Nevada? Keshia: "Why. Do. I. Care?" (Seriously, why does he know that?)
  5. While watching a Quilted Northern Toilet Paper Commercial, Shannon casually says: "I want to see an action shot. One wipe guaranteed or your money back."
  6. While sitting on the "John" playing the hand-held Yahtzee, Shannon yells out to me: "Chloe, I'm going dark." and shuts the bathroom door...(Only 24/Jack Bauer fans can appreciate this one! Also note that I always know when Shannon is taking a poo because I randomly hear "Yahtzee" squealed at the top of his lungs while I'm somewhere else in the house. That's his favorite past time while sitting on the throne...)
  7. Speaking to me, Shannon says, "You're chubby, but you're not ugly." (i died laughing! In his defense this was said while I was obviously pregnant. Thanks for the pep talk babe! Lol)
  8. Keshia: What's something funny I've said lately? Shannon: "I don't think you're that funny." (Then we laughed hysterically because we both know that's not true! bahahahaha *wink)
  9. After I do something dumb, Shannon always says to me, *sigh,* "You'll always be my 19 yr old [wife]." Keshia: "Yeah, well, that's gonna be REAL creepy when you're 60!
  10. In the car, (No, we were not "parking," we were driving!) discussing when child number 2 might come along (Shannon is always gung ho)... Keshia: "I don't know, Shannon. It was miserable. I don't know if my poor body is ready for that again. Let me see a picture of myself again. I forgot what I looked like even." He hands me his phone and I look up some pics on his facebook or something. Keshia: "Holy Mother of Pearl! My neck threw up! My face got fat? Why didn't you tell me my face got fat? You're telling me you willingly want to look at that again? I get ugly and absolutely disgusting..." Shannon, bless his heart, cuts me off TRYING to calm me but doesn't even really catch what he's saying... "Yeah, but it happens so gradually. We'll get used to it again..." BAHAHAHAHAHAH! I laughed SO HARD AT THAT! He totally concurred that I got ugly and disgusting and said that WE would get used to that together! LOL
  11. BEST FOR LAST: (After leaving an open pop can in the Fridge for a day or so...) Keshia: Shannon, I'm throwing out this soda you didn't drink. Shannon says quickly: "No! Don't throw that out. I still want it. Keshia: It's probably flat by now. You won't want it. Shannon: Without skipping a beat says, "Well you're flat and I still want you." (After a second of shock, I laughed so hard. I thought I was going to die!) 

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  1. These are all hilarious! I love your sense of humor. By the way... You dont get ugly when you are pregnant. You make women jealous with how gorgeous you are. So love it!

    Megan Childs

    P.S. When are you going to get your chubby self back in the gym with me?