Sunday, June 19, 2011

Annual Princess Day!

So, I told Keshlyn earlier this week that it was really Annual Princess Week (AKA my birthday week). She is really the only one who has humored me in this whole thing because she told me right away with excitement, "Happy Birfday Mommy!" So stinkin' cute. The next morning I woke up to little hands patting my face saying, "Happy Birfday Mommy. I wuv you. You pity" (pretty). I just thought that was the sweetest way to wake up!!!! She gets that it's Annual Princess Week... Shannon on the other hand... lol

In his defense, he's been working SO much and we've both been running around crazy on his days off trying to accomplish some errands and projects. He says my birthday present was Hawaii... ok. That's somewhat fair except he said that was for both our birthdays, mother's day, anniversary, He's joking with a hint of seriousness behind it! So, we really didn't do much for my birthday this weekend. I did have some girlfriends take me to lunch yesterday. That was nice! When I came home there was a cute little present on the table for me. It was from Shannon. My gifts:

A card. on the envelope it said, "To Princess Keshia. From Your Knight in Shining Armour." Then the card which usually is princess themed said this instead:

This was so hilarious to me because we joke about how I'm his trophy wife and he expects me to work on my looks and stay in shape since I'm a stay-at-home mom (which is funny in itself because he's jokingly implying I have nothing else better to do than work on my body. All stay-at-home mothers know that time is a limited commodity for ourselves when we have crazy, energetic little toddlers running around!)

Inside the card it said this:
"I hope these gifts remind you of the "SPARKS" we made in Hawaii and how much you "CHANGE" my life for the better every single day! I love you sweetheart and hope you have a wonderful 1/4 century Annual Princess Day!"

And then these were the goodies inside the bag:

SPARKlers and a remote control (aka Channel CHANGEr)
(Quick explanation on the remote: I had just bought a dvd/vhs player from Goodwill and it came with no remote. So we were both just saying how we need to get a remote to use with the player. He got one

And a home-made coupon! LOVE IT! Love his usage of "Smooth" from the actual coupon? lol

Happy 25th to me!

Oh my cute husband! He's such the clever one! We're always trying to come up with clever little ideas for gifts and such. Isn't he adorable!? I just love him.

Last night, we had our date night in. I had planned it a while ago and it was so fun! We put Kesh to bed and then we turned out most of the lights. We then took turns hiding our little hearts (stuffed toys) anywhere in the house. We both then had little nerf guns and we were to "capture the heart" of our spouses that they hid. If we shot the other person, they had to stop where they were and count out loud to 30 while the other person continued to search for the heart. It was so fun and we laughed a lot! It made us feel like kids to run around our house in the dark trying to tiptoe in different rooms without getting caught and shot! I won one round and he won another. It was so nice to laugh and have fun! 

What's your most fun and creative date night? 

For some of the cutest, unique date ideas go to 
On her blog, she then has lots of different links to other dating/marriage blogs that are fun an useful! I love to find new silly little things to do to keep our marriage fun! It makes life so much more exciting! :)

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