Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Keshlyn's New Room!

So this was our little pumpkin's nursery when she was born. It was simple and cute.
These were the darling letters I made that adorned the wall above her crib. I still love them.
I'm so mad at myself that I never got a full camera shot of the rest of the room. I didn't get the curtains or rug or changing table with the cutesy polka dot changing pad... oh well. This is the best picture I could find that showed where the bed went. And can I just say that I want to cry because my little Keshlie is so stinkin' cute and little right here?! I miss those chubby cheeks. *tear

Last night was the first night for Keshlyn in a big girl bed! While Shannon was taking down the crib yesterday she was crying over and over, "my bed! No, my bed!" I have been telling her for a week or two now that she was getting a big girl bed because baby Ky was going to need the crib and she has been so excited. But, seeing the crib come down made her sad...and daddy too. He was feeling a little down just knowing that his baby girl is going to keep growing. He was so sweet. Time does go by too fast! 

Take a look at her new "big girl room!"

We went away to Disneyland and this was waiting on the wall late the night we returned! Isn't Keshlyn so lucky to have an artistic grammy who can paint? 
Isn't it darling? Collett did such a great job! It matches the bedding perfectly!

Keshlyn insisted on being in the picture! She's so protective of her new bed. haha. Can you believe we snagged this cute bed for $50?! It was marked up but nothing a little magic eraser couldn't fix! Now it looks almost good as new!


Her favorite chair for reading story books!

Her cute kitchen set we've had for a short while... (psst. $20 find at a yard sale! I just LOVE good deals!)

Cute matching dresser also $50. Cleaned 'er up right nice!

Overall, I think it turned out really well! She went to sleep right away on night 1. However, she came running into my room at 4:30am. I put her back into her bed. She came back into my room around 5:20am. Put her back to bed. Saw her sweet face at my bedside again at about 6:15ish. Put her back to bed...and finally she slept until I woke her up at 8:15am. Wondering how long it will take her to stay in bed all night? Naptime... that was rough today. Took me about 8 times of putting her back in bed before she finally fell asleep. I'm just glad I'm dealing with this now and not at the same time as dealing with baby #2! 

Painting Baby Boy Phill's room tomorrow... can't wait to share pictures of his cozy place!


  1. Awesome job on the big girl room-makeover! I LOVE the bedding!

  2. You have such great taste in little girl room decor! haha! I really wanted to get the girls twin beds but it would have been too crowded in their room. You find such great deals on furniture. It took my kids about 2 weeks to take naps again. Rough two weeks! BUT...there are two of them so they had someone to play with.