Thursday, December 29, 2011

Girl Talk

This is a post about my fave raves right now when it comes to beauty products!

Nail Polish- Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails: Pink Rockstar. Forget paying for "Glitter Nails!" 2 Coats of this stuff looks like you had it professionally done!Love the color. I'm wearing it right now!

Biomega Volume Shampoo and Biomega Moisture Mist: Oh.My. Goodness. I was on a mission a month ago to find a miracle product because my hair has been looking dull and dry. And the Biolage I tried was not cutting it. I found this new brand that doesn't have any drying sulfates and I had to try it. My hair has not ever looked healthier or shinier! I love the Moisture Mist in place of a conditioner, because you spray it on your hair wet and don't rinse it out. It's lightweight and makes your hair feel soft.

Biomega Behave (Smoothing Elixir)- This stuff is awesome for putting just a teeny bit in your hair to smooth it out and protect when blow drying and styling your hair. I'll tell you- my hair curls super easy when I use this stuff.

Aquage Uplifting Foam- You want some lift at your roots so it doesn't look so straight, limp, and lifeless? This stuff ROCKS! It's the best "root lifter" I've used. I got this recommindation off of this other girl's really great blog about hair:

Aquage serum: (if you are a biosilk infusion or Chi Silk lover and you want to try something new...this stuff is AWESOME~ and it smells like heaven.)

Marakesh X Leave-in Treatment. High Tide: Great hair treatment a few times a week. If you're a It's a 10 lover, give this a shot for something new. It's a little cheaper and it's incredible

Paula's Choice Skin Recovery Moisturizer with Antioxidants and SPF 15- LOVE this stuff. You should wear SPF EVERY DAY! Lots of people look at me crazy when I say that, but even in doors, UVA rays penetrate through your windows. UVA are aging rays. Prevent signs of aging and skin cancer by wearing a moisturizer with SPF every single day.

Paula's Choice Skin Recovery Hydrating Treatment Mask... This is 1 of my 2 MOST FAVORITE skin care products for my face. I have seen a HUGE difference as I've used this. I can't live without this stuff. It's the only thing I have found that truly hydrates my skin so much that it is constantly soft, smooth, and supple. If you have any trouble with dryness, flaking on your face, or feeling like your face needs a "drink," You must, must, must try this. It's a "mask" but it's like a lotion. You put it on your face and leave it for at least 15-20 minutes, then you can wash it off or leave it on for greater moisture. It's not greasy. I leave it on and it makes all the difference.

My 2nd most favorite product ever for my face is Alpha Hydrox Retinol Res-Q. You wear this cream at night on your face and wake up to amazingly smooth, soft skin. This product in combination with the product above makes my skin look so youthful and flawless. Plus it has Retinol in it! It's a cousin to Retinoids (prescribed by a dermatologist only) which helps reverse and prevent aging signs. If you start using Retinol when you're young, you could do so much preventative care for your face. We always want to "reverse" or undo things when we're older, but why not just prevent why we're young!?

MACs Mineralize Satin Finish Foundation. It leaves a dewey, J-Lo-skin type finish. It really is a good foundation. Used in conjunction with MAC's dual fibre brush (That I've raved about in previous blogs), this foundation glides on and seeps into your skin. I'm not usually a fan of MAC's foundations, but I haven't tried them in years, so I thought I would try and I liked!

Julie Hewett Cheekies. Cream Blush in the color "Jami." Ever used cream blush? Lots of people have never even tried cream blush because they're nervous. If you have really oily skin, cream blush is not for you. If you have Normal to dry, to combination skin,cream blush could be a new favorite beauty product for you! I LOVE cream blush. It soaks into your cheeks and looks natural rather than having a powdery blob sitting on your cheek. For me living in the desert, I have normal to dry skin. This cream blush is perfect for me because I don't ever have to worry about the powder blush clinging to any dry skin on my cheeks and looking uneven.

I truly love MAC's gel eye liner. Always have. It is creamy and glides on very easily. There is great variety in color. It doesn't dry out like Loreal's HIP cream liner does. BUT- somedays I'm lazy and don't feel like grabbing for the pot of gel liner AND an eyeliner brush. (Pathetic, I know.) SO- I'm also crazy about liquid liner in a marker form. I do not do well with straight liquid liner. I love the long lasting and boldness of it but my hand is a little shaky sometimes. Even on myself. So, for people like me, they've put liquid liner in a felt-tip marker form. IT IS THE BEST! It's easy to apply and looks bold and stays put. It doesn't smudge or fade like pencil liner can.Maybelline's Stiletto felt tip liner and Loreal's Lineur Intense Felt Tip Marker are both great choices. Their performances are the same. Just different brands.

Mascara will forever be my struggle in this life! I've tried several that I didn't like. One of which was Voluminous which I raved about in my last product post. I don't know if they've changed the formula or if I've just tried so many that I've raised the bar? At any rate, I don't like it anymore. Others I didn't like or were just

MAC's False Lashes
Voluminous Million Lashes (HATED. Made hard and brittle. Lashes broke off!)

Ones I like:
Maybelline's Full & Soft will always be a great choice (as long as they don't change the formula or brush! ha). For just great looking lashes day-to-day, pick up this tube. It doesn't give drama or any great length, but it does grab each lash and make them look full.

Telescopic Carbon Black- someone recommended this mascara to me a while back.. At first I didn't like it. It's very wet which means that it grabs lashes in sections. This makes your lashes look skinnier and not very full, BUT it makes CRAZY long-looking lashes and it's a dramatic black. Some days I just want to feel like I have some really bold, long lashes. That is when I pull this mascara out.

Clinique's All about eyes concealer. Love this stuff! The tone of it is great for highlighting under the eye. It makes me look much more well rested than I really am! :)

I just purchased NARS Illuminator...We'll see if I like it! I'm sure I will. I like looking like I'm glowing!

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