Friday, February 3, 2012

Chubby Cheeks

If I have never expressed just how much I am in love with my baby boy I must make it quite clear now that he is THE cutest little chubby baby with rolls EVER and I am so glad he is mine! And...the best of all...he's such a good baby. He is quite content with playing on the floor with toys while I run around getting things done but he also will cuddle me whenever I want to as well! YAY for me! Keshlyn was NEVER a cuddler...(takes after her daddy.) :) I love him to pieces and can't get enough of his happy cheeks! Take a look at how much he's changed. I didn't have the idea to take month to months until he hit 3 months. Bummer. But, I love it anyway. At 3 months he was just a roly poly/butterball with no hair. He balded early! Haha. But he's growing it back now. Ky-boy, please always give your momma big hugs and let me kiss your cheeks! :)

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And just because I can't get enough of's another cute pic. He was wriggling so much that I cut the "6" out of it, but isn't he darling?

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