Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Every Day is a Fairy Tale

Once upon a time this handsome young man decided to serve a mission for the Lord. He was sent to a foreign land: Kentucky! The last 3 months of his mission he was able to choose to serve in my town. He got to know my family and on the very last day of his mission, everyone in church lined up to shake his hand and say their good-bye's. I'll never forget that day; and Shannon remembers that day very well also. I shook his hand and said, "have a nice life." I walked away and that was the end of it...I thought. a couple months after returning to his home of Logandale,NV, I received a letter from "Elder Phill." We soon became phone pals and then met up in December of 2004 in Las Vegas as "friends." The day after he picked me up from the airport He told me he couldn't live without me (I seem to have that affect on people. I'm pretty awesome.lol)... and the rest is history. 

I think about those words, "Have a nice life." I had no idea the reason why his life would be so nice and amazing was because I was going to be in it! :) Yeah, I'm tooting my own horn. So what? I think about our 7 year journey so far and can truly describe it as a fairy tale. I'm not saying life hasn't had it's challenges and I'm not saying my little animal friends come through my windows when I sing, but our life together is truly a fairy tale. We make each other laugh and smile. He's the one I want to talk to when I'm happy and when I'm down. We don't really fight. Argue sometimes, yes. But, fight? Not really... Unless you count the slight frustration I get when his toots are super stinky or his irritation of running late because he's waiting on me to get ready. He is constantly serving me and showing that he loves me.  I try to do little things for him to show him I love him as well. I feel that he does so much more for me than I do for him, but hopefully he's not keeping score. :) We keep our marriage fresh and cherish date nights together. He still gives me butterflies. 

I wanted to share a journal excerpt and just couldn't choose one. But as I flipped through my journal from 2005 until now, I got a little choked up to see in my writing how much I am madly in love with you, Shannon. From our engagement until the most recent journal entry, they're all so very similar. In 2005 I wrote, "I melt in his love. He is the most incredible man I have ever met."  A couple of years later, I wrote, "Shannon is the most Christ-like man I know." And just recently I read my writing, "Shannon is still the most amazing man I have ever met. I love him dearly and I would walk the earth for him." 

My love, I can't wait to grow old together and continue our journey through the wrinkles and the  laughter. I love you!!!! 

Engagement photo

Wedding Day: June 9, 2005








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