Friday, May 18, 2012

Flirty Flashback Friday

I still like to dress nice for Shannon. I enjoy getting ready knowing that he'll be home from work for the day. I enjoy flirting with him and answering the phone in a "sexy voice" when he calls. We will have been married for 7 years in July and I'll tell you something very true, it keeps getting better as time goes by. Marriage is so fun. We complete each others thoughts and know each others little quirks. It makes it all the more fun. Actually, I learned something new about Shannon a few days ago. 1) He prefers strawberry jam over grape. Had no idea he had a preference. It is now noted. And 2) He feels uncomfortable telling me heart-felt things out loud but can easily express himself to me through writing a note or card. I really had no idea it made him nervous to share heart-felt things to me face to face. He feels silly. So I guess that is why he's so great at leaving me tender messages in text or on a post-it when he leaves for work. I never knew it was difficult for him. But I have always known how he feels about me and he is very sincere.

I'm so grateful I kept the emails he sent me during our long-distance engagement. I came across this email the other day and I just thought to myself, "I am the luckiest woman in the universe. He is all mine. Forever."

From: Shannon Phillipenas
Sent: Sunday, March 6, 2005 11:16pm
To: (YES, this really used to be my email and no it doesn't still exist! It was  
              quite fun to write on college applications! Ok, ok. You can stop laughing now. haha!)

Subject: hola senorita

Future Sister Phillipenas,

so i just got off the phone with ya and you were a bit blue so i thought that i would try to pour out some sunshine on your soul tonight. but just so you know, my goal (i know that you like those) and of the things on my to do list for life (i also know that you are a big fan of those) my goal is to make sure that you are the happiest gal on this side of the mississippi! I can't promise a great deal of worldly possessions (i'll try), except maybe a lawn of dark green grass (occasionally it turns yellow out here, sorry) but you can bet one one thing, that you will be happy. i think that with you its what you see is what you get, and i am quite impressed with the person i see, so i know that i am going to be the happiest fella on this side of the mississippi with you as my eternal companion. i am truly thankful that i have such a wonderful person that was put in my path...

i just want you to know that i luv you very much and consider myself the luckiest man ever... one of these days i am no longer going to have to type that or tell you over the phone. i can show you and tell you in person. always remember there is a wonderful life awaiting you here in las vegas, so endure this next semester and then everything will be smooth sailing (ok there might be a few waves here and there and the occasional rough water but in the end it'll be ok.)
luv ya eternally,

I know there are MANY love stories out there in the world, but I'm being honest when I say that mine is my favorite. *happy sigh.

(This perfectly depicts our marriage...always goofin' off!)

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  1. You guys are SO cute. I love you both and I miss you all the time. Cute cute pictures.

  2. This is very cute by the way. My husband would die if I ever shared this kind of info for the world to see. Haha. By the way... When are you going to add Kyden to your blog? Have you forgotten about your second child? :)