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To My Darling Debbie!- A Mother's Day Post

Happy Mother’s Day...another one of those holidays that are added to our calendar and appear in every planner you buy in the store. Where did it come from? How did it start? Check out this link. It's pretty interesting. What started as a day to celebrate ancient Goddesses evolved into women in America fighting for this Mother's Day to be adopted into our "culture" by our government. It was quite the to-do. Anna Jarvis would roll over in her grave if she knew how commercialized it is. That was one thing she felt strongly about and fought against: the commercialization of it as a holiday. She did not want that. She wanted it to be truly a day to celebrate, honor, and comemorate all that our mothers have done! Check out the history here.

My mom used to repeat this phrase to me, “When you have kids of your own, you’ll understand.” I used to think, “sure. Ok.“ But she was so right. I’ve thought about my own mother, Debbie, a lot lately. Being a mother myself, I sure have become more grateful for her in my heart. I look at the sacrifice that I have to make, the love that I have for my children, the experiences that stretch me in my calling as a mother and I instantly think, “Wow. Another person did all of this for ME!” How much more humble can one become than one who realizes that they are who they are because someone on this Earth brought them into this world? To Debbie Sue (she hates her middle name and I find it endearing): I owe you much gratitude for all that you’ve done for me. I want you to know that there are billions of mothers in this world but to me, you are the MOST special because you are mine. Thank you. I love you.

Just a couple of the many journal excerpts remembering my mother.

Dear Journal Excerpts:

December 22, 2004

"My mother is one of the greatest people I know. She has the biggest heart of anyone I know. She never buys anything for herself and this is why I love the buy for her. My mother busts her tail to buy for my brother and me. She never buys herself a thing and never thinks of herself. She always sacrifices everything to buy her children things that they need and even things she wants them to have. This selfless act alone brings me to tears at this very moment. I hate to see her always have to hand me something or money. I want to see her be able to reap some of the money that she so earnestly works for. Money isn’t everything, and I’m sure that she realizes that, but for someone to be so kind, and to work so hard in life, it seems like she could be able to enjoy just a bit of her own money and buy herself a new pair of tennis shoes if she wanted to instead of having to wear a pair with holes in them." (I remember this my Senior year of High School. My mom is a cook so she stands on her feet in kitched 10-12 hours a day. It killed me to see my mom be so selfless and be in need herself yet continuously she gave me money for Senior year things- yearbooks, slideshows, cap and gown etc…)

May 28, 2006

"Mom needs someone to treat her like the special lady that she is. After all the many sacrifices she has made for her family and trials she has went through in her marriage, she deserves someone to treat her right and love her beautiful smile… I think about my mom so much that her inner struggles are my inner struggles and I can’t wait to see the day when my mom’s hard work and faithfulness will yield her great celestial reward. She will be treated and recognized as the queen that she is. To see her final happiness and glory is enough reason to make me want to live in such a way that I will be able to live in the celestial kingdom just to see her rejoice for eternity… I think we feel so much the pain of those we love that when they succeed, we feel as though we have too. I think that’s really what it’s all about… Love is the plan of happiness."

Memories of my Mother:

1. I loved that mom would always send me cards in the mail when I was away at Murray State. It always made me feel loved!

2. My favorite part of everyday well into High School was at the end of the day, mom and I would sit on the couch and talk about our days. Just she and I. I could open up and talk to her about anything in the world. I looked forward to that time with my mom.

3. My mom was such a goofball! I miss that! I miss my mom cutting up and cracking jokes. She was such a nut that she would make herself laugh so hard that she would “horse laugh” and because her “horse laugh” was hilarious I would snort. My snort would make her laugh and it would go on and on. *Sigh. I miss those days. Mom, you’re much too serious these days! You need to find your inner goof again! haha :)

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