Thursday, July 12, 2012

Memory Lane

When Shannon gets home in the morning he'll see this on the garage door.

Followed by this once inside.

And when he turns the corner he'll see these.


Each one is numbered (1-7) to represent the corresponding year of marriage. Throughout the day he will pop the balloons in order and inside is a strip of paper woth a memory from that year as well as a corresponding mini date to do immediately. I'm pretty excited!!!! It's a day full of celebrating.  Here are a couple of them to give you an idea.
Balloon 2: 2007- Yay for graduating from the Academy! Ok Mr Frefighter, what do you need when you're on the job and there's a fire? That's right- H2O! Well, baby you're SMOKIN' HOT so let's go splash in some water to cool off! (And yes, I am very witty. I know.)

It may sound cheesy to go swimming early in the day just us two but we usually have kids when we go swimming so it will be nice to get cozy together in the water for a change!

Balloon 7: 2011/2012 so you remember when we sold our house!? Last week!? I am excited to move to Logandale and start the next chapter of memories in our life together. I want to be in a place where we are out in the open and can actually see the stars. The stars remind me of the first time I came to visit you in 2004 and you took me to the park. We laid on a blanket in the cold and we looked at the stars as you told me for the first time you loved me. Will you stargaze with me tonight on the roof? Bribery...there's dessert! :)

Happy Anniversary to us!

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  1. I just abso-freakin-lutely love you. You are one of the cutest people I know!