Friday, November 4, 2011

The Attitude of Gratitude!

I wanted to think of a way to have our family focus on all of the many little blessings we have this month.

After looking at a few of these that I've saved for possible projects

I went to work to create this:

Once I made this Thanksgiving tin, the first thing I put in there was that I am grateful my phone came back on today! Yesterday it went black and I couldn't get it back on for the day. I sure do love my iphone4! Hehe

Shannon's first gratitude card was that his ring was finally found!! I was getting socks for Keshlyn out of her drawer and I felt something hard as my hand scraped the bottom of the drawer. I take out more socks and lo and behold, his ring!!! That little stink hid it in her drawer! And we even asked her if she had seen his ring and she said yes, but could never tell us where it was. 1 month later, the ring is found!!! I knelt down and asked him to marry me again. Don't worry, he said yes! :)

All month we will add little cards with things we are grateful for each day. It can be serious things or silly things. Then on Thanksgiving, we will take turns reading them all. Should make for a fun family evening.


  1. You are Nita's grand daughter! Very crafty! Love your blog!