Saturday, November 5, 2011

Open wide!!!

Today was Keshlyn's first visit to the Dentist! She looked like such a big girl getting x rays and her teeth cleaned. We talked about how she would have to open wide to let the Dentist check her teeth. We practiced lots! Lol She was super stoked! When we walked through the office door, she says to me, "I'm ready someone work on my teef! I get a new toof brush!" (We're still working on the "th" sound!)

Pause. I just have to share this joke that I never heard while living in my home town of Kentucky but was Introduced to quickly since living in the Silver State... Did you know the tooth brush was invented in Kentucky? Cause if it was invented anywhere else, it would have been called the TEETH BRUSH! hardy har har! Ya know, I think all the Kentuckians I know have all of their teeth! :)

She made her mommy proud when she was asked, "what color toothbrush would you like?" She said very quickly, "Pink!" That-a-girl! And who knew that kids dentist offices were so fun? Flat screens on the ceiling for the kiddos to watch while on the chairs. Pink Barbie power wheels on a small lift used as dentist chairs for the kids to sit in and get their teeth cleaned... Seriously.

And look at this cute guy! Watch out UK! Here's your future basketball star... KYDEN JUSTICE!!!! (Doesn't it have a ring to it?! We'll just leave Phillipenas off when he becomes a star!) Thanks Aunt Jill and Debs for the get-up!

And OPEN WIDE for yummy dinner! The lighting wasn't too good but this was our yummy dinner tonight:

Honey lime chicken and roasted brussel sprouts with walnuts and grapes... Yumm-o!!! I've just discovered roasted brussel sprouts and they are delicious. I have a couple yummy recipes for them if you're brave enough to try it! Do you have any good side dishes you'd like to share? I'm trying to switch it up these days with more exciting veggie side dishes!

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