Monday, March 19, 2012

Juice Fast: Day 2!

It's Monday. That means it was Grocery Shopping, laundry, and mop day. Mondays are always busy.

One of the perks of Monday: Costco day.

Shannon was so cute. He had to ask me a question this morning that seemed pressing: "so does this mean that we can't have samples at costco?!" This Juice fast is already cramping his style! haha. Well, good thing when we got to Costco there were no samples. Then as we were finishing up. At least one of the samples that we were able to get was a fruit and veggie smoothie made by the demo-guy for Vitamix. Sweet! And darn Costco has ruined Keshlyn's shopping experience everywhere else that we go because she always asks for the receipt and flips it over quickly. Just as quickly as she flipped it over the smile on her face fades and she asks, "where's my picture?" She RAN to the lady at the door with her receipt and asked her to draw her a picture as we're leaving Costco. It is cute, I must say. You know what else is cute? Sweet Kyden can click his tongue! It's pretty cute.

Juice Fast. Day 2- I feel great! Did a crossfit work out today. It kicked my butt. My lungs still hurt actually. lo. I think it's because it was still a little cold this  morning in the garage when I did it. I feel very satisfied with all of the vegetables and fruit I'm taking in. However, I have to drain my bladder A LOT from all of this juicing! TMI? Well, what else is new? :) I must confess though...I had 4 single popcorn kernels today. Keshlyn earned popcorn this evening and so I made her my beloved homemade lime and sea salt popcorn in a brown bag. I had to taste a few times to see if it had enough lime juice. And you know what? Can you believe it wasn't hard at all to not eat it even though it was righ in front me!? Now that's crazy! Popcorn is my number one comfort food. I love it. I could eat it every day. Brownie Trifle and Pizza are a close second. I feel powerful right now. I don't feel restricted. I just feel like I am choosing to detox for the next several days. The fact that my mind is in control is a great feeling.

Shannon- on the other hand- just looked at me a few moments ago and said, "I really want a hamburger. What is the world coming to when it's 9:00pm and my late night snack involves broccoli?" haha. Let's just say he doesn't feel so in control and powerful. He's excited to eat some "real food."

Real food....let's talk about some real deliciousness. Last week, I made several paleo recipes. One of which was for breakfast. Listen to me. Run to the grocery store to make this as fast as you can. Seriously. I don't care if you're a health nut or no health nut. It's the best french toast I've ever had! You have to use banana bread. I added Enjoy Life chocolate chips (there's no dairy, no sugar....but trust me they're still good!) You top the french toast with banana slices and pure maple syrup. If you've never had pure maple syrup before with no fillers or preservatives, then you've never had a party in your mouth! Pure maple syrup is SOOO rich and tasty.

Here's the link. P.S. Her blog is so funny!

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