Monday, March 12, 2012

More about The Mr.

These are a some of the Mr's quirks and pet-peeves that make him, well, him. Therefore, things I love about him:

1- takes a "field trip" every day to the mail box. It's "his thing." He is disappointed when I rarely take the time to get the mail and beat him to it. (My "thing" is that I check the weather every day on my phone. I often tell him what the weather is in Las Vegas, Kentucky, and Honolulu. haha)
2- corrected me and so sweetly taught me that under no circumstance am I to ever again leave the scoop handle down in the formula powder. Handle always up. Always.
3- finds it 50% cute and 50% annoying that at night I leave a trail of clothes as I make my way to get into bed.
4- MUST Facebook stalk before falling asleep.
5- Gets LIVID a little upset if I happen to wear his sunglasses and forget to leave them in the car when I get out.
6- Wants to barf when he sees skinny jeans on boys.
7- Will never wear a v-neck t shirt even though I would quite like it.
8- Only wants to eat his chocolate frozen
9- Has confessed that he loves when we all run to the door to greet him in the mornings when he gets home from work.
10- Looks forward to going to Costco to have "lunch" (AKA SAMPLES!) every Monday.
11- is peeved when I get to the bed first at night and just hop in without turning his side of the bed down as well. If he walks in and sees that scenario, he will start to clear his throat with ridiculous obviousness to remind me! haha It's a little joke we have.
12- Loves to have Keshlyn "knock him over." He squats down on one end of the hall and Keshlyn runs as fast as she can towards him from the opposite end of the hall to give him"run hugs" which knocks him over. So adorable. And then "Super Keshlyn" comes next. Of course.
13-needs anything placed on the dashboard which then reflects in the windshield to be removed immediately.
14- Flosses his teeth like there is no tomorrow.
15- Has zero self control when sweets are in front of him. (we really are soul mates)
16- Is literally addicted to Crossfit. I think he would explode if he ever missed a day.
17- Detests being late. In this way, we are not soul mates. haha. I often remind him to listen to the song, "Waiting on a woman" by Brad Paisley. He doesn't buy it. :)
18- Lives for his annual Moapa Valley High School Alumni Baseball Game! He would love to play more baaseball. I hope he is able to in the near future.
19- has a "toy" that he must play with while driving in the car. He has to be able to twirl and fidget with it in his fingers. He cracks me up. I often tease that I'm going to throw it out the window. He always looks very sad when I say that. haha. If he doesn't have a "toy" he'll use a pen to flip through his fingers. He surely cannot sit still.
20- always makes me smile with some really great quotes like the following one which came from a serious and quizzical Shannon: "what's the big deal? why do actors get put up on a pedastal? The get paid to pretend they're someone else!" 
21- Likes to shorten everything. Couple of quick examples... His work: LVFR (Las Vegas Fire and Rescue). B Cubed (Bed, Bath, and Beyond).

His latest is "BBT." We quite enjoy a little BBT together every day for our entertainment. Can you guess what this abbreviation is for?

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