Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Juice Fast: Day 3!

I discovered today that excessive amounts of lemon juice make my teeth sensitive. I've never been much of a lemon eater anyway, so I would have never known. But, man I had to cut back on adding lemon to my juices. Ouch. Shooting pain to the teeth= no bueno.

I'm not gonna lie. Today was a little tougher than yesterday just because we really went hard with detoxing smoothies. The first couple of days, we eased into it with the usual 60/40 (veggie/fruit approach) and today we did 90/10. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I had to choke back a few. Shannon really thought he was going to throw up. So as if the taste of the drink wasn't bad enough, top that off with the fact that I made homemade, from scratch, chicken nuggets for Keshlyn for dinner! They looked divine. Click here for the recipe. And I made grilled chicken with one of my favorite glazes (balsamic honey) along with roasted asparagus (another fave) and took it over to a friend who just had a baby! Yay for baby Jorga (pronounced Georgia)! *Sigh. The house smelled so yummy and all we had to eat was stinkin' kale, ginger, spinach, brocooli, cucumber, and carrots!  oh and an apple that you couldn't taste. haha.

The upside for my day was going to one of my favorite places ever...Goodwill! Seriously. Found some great deals today. It's so exhilerating when I find so many things I actually love and it's all dirt cheap. Got Keshlyn a couple of toys to clean up for her birthday. I have no shame in this! If they work and are in great condition, why the heck pay full price!? ha. I actually found one toy I've been eyeing for a bit now and originally it's about $30. Today I got it for a beautiful $4.99. Score! I even got a little something for Shannon. Thanks, Jen, for a day of shopping fun at Goodwill! :)

What's your favorite thriftshop/yard sale purchase? My mother in law just told me she bought a Bosch mixer for $10 this past weekend at a yardsale! What?! Those things are like gold! Seriously.  

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