Friday, June 11, 2010

All About Keshlyn

Meet The Keshlyn...

1. My name is Keshlyn Jolee. (Let's get something straight...Jolee is a variation of the word, "jolie" meaning pretty in the French language. I am NOT named after Angelina Jolie. My mother doesn't like her at all! She just likes the French language!)

2. My name was almost Kenya. But then my mother figured "Kenya Phillipenas" didn't have a very good "ring" to it...

3. I came into this world with my tongue sticking out and eyes wide open. I didn't cry for a minute which worried the nurses, but I was just curious to see everyone. I still like to stick my tongue out!

4.  I give slobbery open mouth kisses.
5. When I blow a kiss, I just stick my tongue between my fingers and then hold out my spitty hand!

6. I can say "momma," "dada," "no, no, no," "mo" (for more), and "namanana" (banana).

7. I like to put everything in the bathtub, or in the secret storage in my little riding toy. That's where mommy finds lots of missing items!

8. I smile 24/7. Even when I'm in trouble- I just cheez. I melt mommy and daddy.

9. I just turned 1 yr old. on the 23rd of May.

10. I was the most boring cake eater ever at my party!

11. I have really blue eyes.

12. I do not cuddle and I do not want to sit still ever. I'm curious!

13. I love to look at books and chew them.

14. I know most of my alphabet.

15. I can find matching items (the match to the shape mommy holds up, or the other match to a shoe...)

16. Anytime I find mommy's necklaces or bracelets or hair bows, I put them on! I'm a girly girl.
17. I love to get into EVERYTHING and love to climb the stairs!

18. I steal other kid's toys!

19. When I wake up  in the morning or from my naps, I just stand up in my crib, throw all of my toys/blankies out, and smile/laugh until my mommy or daddy comes to get me.

20. I love to sleep! I sleep from 7:30am to 7:30pm and take two 2 hour naps during the day. (Mommy owes it all to Babywise.)

21. My new favorite treat is peanut butter and celery!

22. I love to swim...especially with my friend, Paige Cooper!

23. I look like I came out of my daddy, but my mom says her girly parts prove otherwise.

24. I'm not allowed to date until I'm 40, according to daddy.

25. My daddy calls me Kesh Dizzle and now the nickname has evolved to "Dizz." Mommy doesn't like it that much because she doesn't want me to tell my preschool teacher someday that my name is KeshDizzle Phillipenas.
26. I'm a cute little gal. The end.


  1. Hi Kesh,I really like that we are friends. Thanks for swimming with me and playing in the halls with me at church. You're really fun to play with. See you at church and the pool.
    you're a great friend.
    Love Paige!

  2. LOVED LOVED LOVED IT! Keshlyn sure has a great sense of humor!!!

  3. She is too adorable! What a happy baby! Shes gonna be gorgeous! I know you're proud - as you should be!

    Keep the posts coming! I love reading them! :)

  4. You're hilarious!!! I love reading The Phill's Blog!

  5. Thanks Everyone for the comments! We try to laugh our way through life!