Friday, June 4, 2010

The Resurrected Blog!

Ok...after asking a few people if they thought it's worth keeping up a blog...I decided to give it one more shot. It will be a little about me and Shannon, a lot about Keshlyn, and then other random things. Favorite quotes, funny incidents, comments on the books I'm reading, reviews on new makeup I've tried, favorite recipes...We'll see how this goes! Comment to let me know you're out there!

The Scoop About Keshia

Today the post is about me...might even be more than you care to know but here it is! All about Keshia:

1. I have a great passion for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

2. I have a fairytale story about how I met my husband.

3. I LOVE the color pink and anything glittery/sparkly! (Quick Story- I love sparkly things so much that a few years ago I bedazzled my cell phone and my husband nicknamed it the “gonorrhea phone!” RIP my bedazzled cellie!)

4. I love white teeth and notice teeth almost immediately on everyone! If I were going to be a doctor, I would be a Dentist.

5. In another life I would have been a party/wedding/event planner.

6. I sing in the shower.

7. I talk to myself…I mean REALLY talk to myself. I am sometimes thinking about situations I have been in or may be in and instead of thinking about what I would say I often find myself speaking it out loud! It’s embarrassing sometimes!

8. Music is very influential in my life. I am most moved and closest to the spirit when music is present. I love ALL kinds of music!

9. I honestly thought that I would have been well-known someday…playing flute and traveling the world.

10. I LOVE to laugh and be goofy! It’s my favorite thing about myself!

11. I’m honest and have a sincere desire to be better each day.

12. I LOVE girl’s nights.

13. I have not met someone in Vegas since I’ve been here for 5 years that I would consider a best friend…Met some good friends but elements are still missing. I would like to find someone who "gets" me. Someone that I call and who calls me and we talk regularly to catch up on life and share a laugh. Someone who spontaneously drops in. Someone to put forth equal efforts to share a genuine concern about each other. I want to be adored as much as I adore them.

14. I enjoy reading tabloids about the stars while standing in the grocery line

15. I LOVE to read! It’s such a wonderful escape!

16. I enjoy learning and studying!

17. I am obsessed with trying and reviewing new cosmetics! I sincerely believe it’s important to take care of your skin! I guess that’s expected from a makeup artist and Aesthetician, right!?

18. I’m patriotic and proud to live in the United States of America.

19. I think children are the most amazing and spiritual beings I’ve ever met.

20. I believe in exercise and healthy eating habits! Love studying that!

21. I like to try to be crafty and make things! (I’ve recently been really excited to go to the happiest place on earth: Goodwill! Haha I love getting things and refinishing/redoing them for d├ęcor)

22. I tear pages out of interior design magazines and file them away for the home I want to build someday and for current decorating ideas.

23. I love to make goals and dream! I am very passionate about life and am determined.

24. I am VERY organized. I am a big list maker! I have lists for everything- projects (short term and long term), wish lists for Shannon to reference for Annual Princess Days (my b-day) and Christmas and “just because” days. I have a wish list for cosmetics. I have lists of items I need to decorate my house by room and projects that need to be done. I have a detailed chore chart and menu for each week. I have a list of all of my flaws I need to work on (that’s a loooooooooooooooong list!) And the beat goes on...

25. I'm very family oriented! I have the dreamiest husband and the smartest, cutest little Keshlyn!

26. I'm a gamer! Cards, board games, ping/pong, foosball, darts, corn hole, horse shoes...anything that gets us interacting!

27. I enjoy movies but HATE television. I think it's pretty much the biggest waste of time EVER and not all that enjoyable! (The one exception to this rule is FRIENDS- will never get old to me- and 24- got into that while recovering from Keshlyn. But 24 is over now and FRIENDS is on a DVD anytime I want to watch.)

28.  I love trying new recipes...and have to admit I have a weakness for sweets! That's why I can't keep them in the house!

29. I'm a country girl that thinks Vegas is WAY overrated! Not impressed and I miss strangers that are kind

30. I love all 4 seasons and would live in the South if I could get my way.

31. I can be opinionated at times and love myself for that rather than considering that to be a vice.

32. I am also a little perverted at times....oops!

33. I am in a whistle band with my for a booking.

34. The word on the street is that I'm funny (per my husband)

35. I like to be spontaneous.

36. At 9:00pm every night, I begin complaining to Shannon (for about an hour) about what needs to be cleaned (he told me to include this one)...this is actually true.

37. My favorite part of the day is pillow talk at night with my husband. I truly believe it is one of the best ways to keep your marriage strong! This is when you can really talk about what's going on in life.

38. I am a smoothie monster! I could have one every day! yumm!

39. I have to have the toilet lid down in all the bathrooms!

40.  I HATE when I'm woken up in the middle of the night to my husband's STANKY farts! First, I try and push him out of the bed to go get the air freshner but if that doesn't work I get the air freshner and spray his body under the sheets! He doesn't like that! I guess we're even then, right!?

Stay tuned for All About Shannon and Keshlyn!

If you have any questions about me, let 'em rip!


  1. I'm so glad you're back! And I loved this list and learning more about you. I was actually surprised by how much we have in common--like #13 and #24. We need to have a game night!

  2. i so get the not having a "best freind" thing...i like my neighbors, but i've lived here a year and a half, and just started socializing! i miss home and my family!

  3. Hey I love reading your blog. Its great to see what new you are up to and to see the pics of your family. I loved reading your list too beacause it reminds me of some funny and great memories growing up together and it reminds me still how much we have in common. Tell Shannon someday I am going to take him up on that place to stay if i ever visit promise that he told me when i drove you to the airport!haha! you have a beautiful family.

    Melissa VanCleve