Saturday, June 19, 2010

How Old Am I...Some May Wonder...

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday dear Keshia!!!! Happy Birthday to me! 

Had a great birthday! Celebrated a little bit at the beach last week and then camping this past weekend which was a VERY sleepless experience (but I won't ruin my birthday cheer with that story!) I always call my birthday Annual Princess Day and Shannon is so gracious to play along! He usually tries to give me a card with some kind of princess theme and I usually wear a tiara and a sash. Well I turned the big 2-4 (haha) today, although, many might argue that I am muuuchhh younger. Most think I'm a teenage mother when they see me with Keshlyn, but Shannon thinks I'm much younger than that...

Story time:

A couple of Friday's ago I came out of the closet (literally, not sexually ok...) wearing a comfortable t shirt, jeans, and hot pink heels- ready to go run some errands.

Shannon looks at me and says, "have fun on your first day of kindergarten." I look at him clueless- obviously missing his humor, to which he responds, "That shirt...really?"

Me: "What's wrong with my shirt?" 

Shannon: "I mean it's fine if you're trying to go for the elementary school look." 

So let me clue you in on what it looked like... a tiger with some neon colors surrounding it. I think it's totally a cute shirt especially to wear over a bathing suit or something for the beach (actually the reason I bought it.) 

So I fire back with this comment, "Ok, my shirt is AT LEAST middle school because this one doesn't have yarn for it's mane!" 

C' know YOU wore a shirt in grade school with a girl on it whose hair was actually yarn hanging off the shirt and her buttons were real buttons you could touch on the shirt. This creature had none of that going on! 

So, elementary school or middle school? You be the judge! Take a gander!


P.S. I'm very disappointed in my last post that not many people shared something they want to save for like a dream vacation. You can't tell me I'm the only one who dreams of grandiose vacays!


  1. I think the shirt is adorable! I think my hubby would probably say the same thing, though. Hehe.

  2. Hahahahahaha. You two are funny. yay for blog revival! Also, speaking of clothes, remember that one item that I made for you/Shannon? (Hint: It involved short jeans without pockets. Hahahahah.)

  3. Happy Happy Birthday! 24? I actually thought you were older than that. I think that about most people, though, in hopes that I'm not the only one getting close to crossing over (to the 30's that is...). Once again, I stand alone! ;) You are adorable and I think you blog is great! Your cute little family is entertaining! I feel like I know you without really knowing you! ;)

  4. Totally middle school...only because my middle school mascot was tigers. ha ha. Happy Birthday!

  5. I don't understand why it is middle school or elementary school??? If an elementary girl wears it to school, she might scare some of her classmates, hahaha!!!!! Tell Shannon he needs some fashion sense. I love the shirt. I would wear it too.
    Happy Annual Princess Day!!!