Monday, June 7, 2010

All About Shannon-


1. When the phone rings in the car- he will turn off the radio rather than turning it down low. He can't stand the music on in the background.

2. Dislikes loud music altogether.

3. Is the most forgiving, easy-going, calm person I know...and the best looking!

4. Served a 2 year LDS mission in Kentucky for the Lord and was a very faithful missionary. In fact, he was so good that the Mission President let his "AP Missionary" pick where he wanted to go his last 3 months. He  picked Muhlenberg County. BONUS- I WAS THERE! More of this story later...

5. Is mesmerized by his daughter... this will be a problem later on. I can see him giving her EVERYTHING she wants.

6. Doesn't know any song titles, or singers/band names associated with certain songs and generally doesn't listen to words of music ever. (Quick Story- He wanted to prove to me this wasn't entirely true this weekend on our way to California when Taylor Swift's Love Story comes on the radio and he starts singing...and says "See, I know some songs..." TAYLOR SWIFT!? I mean come on... of all the songs in the world to know the words to and he knows TAYLOR SWIFT! hahha...oh and Boys II men, Backstreet Boys (You fire...), and the entire song of Blink 182 (The Party). Wow...I learned a lot about my husband in the car this weekend!)

7. Loves picking his nose (especially in the car). He often has sores in his nose because of it.

8. Is adventurous. Loves bungee jumping and wants to go sky diving. Loves roller coasters, crazy mountain biking trails, snow boarding...

9. Is definitely outdoorsy. Loves four wheeler riding, wake boarding, biking, camping, etc.

10. Hates being late and hates waiting on me when he's ready to go! haha

11. Loves having his head scratched.

12. Loves RED VINES which I think tastes like cardboard!

13. Thinks Logandale, Nv IS paradise!

14. Has the coolest last name EVER: Phillipenas

15. Thinks Kentuckians are crazy...especially his wife.

16. Works out every morning, comes home, takes his shirt off, looks in the mirror, grabs his stomach, and says, "I'm your chubby hubby!" HAHAHAHHA Makes me laugh everytime!

17. Does a special "voice" while holding Shannon Jr (A build-a-bear he got me) when I'm sad and it never fails I ALWAYS LAUGH!

18. Loves reliving his glory days in baseball and says he believes he could have went far had he not hung up his career for the Lord. He chose preaching of Jesus Christ instead of playing ball. I'm so proud of him for that.

19. ABSOLUTELY LOVES ping pong (hahahahah...I got Shannon a ping pong table for Christmas. It's June and he just put it together FINALLY a couple days ago. I'm not sure if he did because he really wanted to play or if he wanted to get me off his back! We do enjoy it though.)

20. Has a huge pet peeve of 2 things: People running into you or cutting you off in a store and not saying "excuse me." AND advertisements etc being in Spanish. While he is accepting of all races and creeds, he believes this is America and we should unite in purpose and in language!

21. is addicted to flossing.

22. Loves ESPN.

23. Very much covets the iphone.

24. Says to me the other day, "Babe, when I'm done with Paramedic school I'm not going to be cheap anymore...(pause)...Nah- I'm still going to be a cheap A just don't tell anyone...haha"

25. Loves water parks.

26. Started a scholarship fund for Moapa Valley High School baseball/softball students in memory of 2 of his fellow team mates that have passed away. (I'm so proud of him for this!)

27. Never complains and is always smiling. This smile sure gets him out of trouble with me! *wink

28. Asked me to marry him after visiting him for 1 day. So either he was CRAZY or very confident in himself! was probably a little bit of both!

29. Is SO fidgety/wiggly! He is at all times but especially at nights in bed while trying to fall asleep and almost always knees me in my leg! Ouch! I always say, "Shannon! You kneed me! That hurt" He then ALWAYS says, "Awwww, I do NEED you babe!" He thinks he's SO funny! : )

30. Has seen lots of old people naked! HAHAHAH.... with his line of work they get calls for EVERYTHING! (The best case was someone called 911 because they were on the toilet with severe hemorrhoids they said...When they got there- there was a big lady who stood up, lifted her shirt up to show them a better view! I love those stories!)

Well there you have it...just a little bit about Shannon. If you have any questions, fire away! 

The Dodgers vs Braves game this past Saturday:
Final score 9-3! Go Braves!

Shann, Me, and my face shield (As Shannon calls it!)


  1. Hilarious!! I love this...i can only find it by going to your facebook keep posting the link!!!

  2. That is awesome! Shan, when I see you in the halls at church I will look at you totally different now! bahahaha! Not really! Wow Keisha, I was thinking... could I write that much stuff about Dev?? I don't know if I could. You two are absolutely one of the cutest couples I know! Thanks for your friendship and example to me.

  3. This was awesome too!! "you do need me babe!" lol Love it!