Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Crave to Save and The Urge to Splurge

I crave to save....
I try to "skimp" on certain things in order to save money for bigger, better things I want! One way I save is by couponing... For example:

I was able to take all of these items home for free from CVS: 1 always pantyliner, 2 glade candles, 1 proglide gillette razor, 2 scrubbing bubbles, & 6 dawn dishwashing liquid ($41.89 value). After using coupons, the total came to $6.89 (incl. tax). I then used a $25 Gift Card I got for transferring a prescription there (offered frequently), and CVS paid me $10 in Extra Bucks to take this stuff home! It's like I was paid $3.11 to take all of this home! That $10 Extra Bucks can then be used to buy other stuff you need! I went back to CVS a couple of days later to get 2 rolls of paper towels, 1 John Frieda leave-in hair conditioner, 1 John Frieda conditioner, 1 Pantene hairspray, and 1 Pantene mousse all for $1 (which was only tax). I was able to use my gift card for that one too (completely free!) plus I earned $5 in Extra Bucks. So fun to take things home for free!

Are you curious how this is done? Sites to check out would be: (general- free samples, groceries...) (CVS) (Walgreens) (General- online, restaurants, groceries...) (Target)

because I have the urge to splurge on other things... Here I go with my lists again (that really do exist) on things I want to save for:

1. a trip to France
2. a trip to somewhere tropical besides Hawaii
3. an Alaskan  Cruise and/or Disney Cruise
4. a trip to Ireland (have ancestry there....would love to check it out. Pictures are beautiful!)
5. build a brick home someday...that looks like this on the outside...and I have files of torn out pages from decor magazines of what I want the inside to look like!

6. a trip to Disney World (never been and I LOVE DISNEY!!!!)
7. fourwheelers! (Shannon's paradise would be us riding away into the Logandale, NV sunset on the back of a four wheeler as script writing appears one letter at a time across the screen saying, "And they lived happily ever after..."lol)

How do you save? 

What do you urge to splurge on? Have you planned a fantasy vacation?  


  1. You know how I save hahaha!!! I would like to go to France one day and Europe!!!!

    This is also a test comment !!!

  2. You know I am so glad that some people have the patience to cut out coupons becuase my ADD doesn't let me. lol We have a "Slush Fund" and every time one of us gets paid well we just pull out twenty to fifty bucks and we act like we never made that money. I have no idea what we are going to use it for but one day we will.

  3. hey....that's my house!! if it is the one by the temple....and it was for rent on day and i tried my hardest to talk chad into it but it didn't work....

  4. I do a little couponing... I like garage sales, even though I don't go very often, and I cut my own hair. Booya! I guess I should start trying some of your tricks...

  5. Catherine- we should go to France together! hehe

    Brandi- I LOVE your idea of putting away 20 dollars or so each check to save for something fun! That's a great idea.

    Noelani- That is the house by the temple and it is MINE! haha. I will be calling Chad in the next 10 years to build/design it for me!

    Amber- let's go garage sale hopping together...I love it too!!!!

    Kira- thanks!

  6. ty and i have always wanted to stay in a different city each summer (boston and nyc first) for a month with the girls when they are older. take them to see lots of stuff (including baseball games: )

    i cut ty's hair- i make almost all of our food- i can't think of any other ways i try to save right now- but there are a lot.

    when we are REALLY older i want to go and travel. a LOT.

  7. I save mostly just to save. However, we do have a whole list of trips to take someday: New Zealand, an African Safari, Hawaii (never been), and Austria to name a few.