Monday, November 12, 2012

Good advice...

I so needed to read this! Soon I will be a mother of 3! And to say that it FREAKS me out is an understatement. I had such a rough adjustment from 1 to 2 that it makes me feel incredibly inadequate to be a mother and anxiety certainly sets in if I let it. I realized just how easy it was to be a mom of one child...

and now I'm afraid I'm about to see how much easier it was to be a mom of 2 than 3! LOL :)

 I try to be pretty positive and push fear out of my mind. Sometimes that works and sometimes it fades back in...if you are a mother that's struggling with juggling children and especially if you are expecting, read this mother's (of 6) honest, truthful, and inspiring advice.

P.S. You know when I explained how clumsy I am and my little mishap with the homemade mayo? It splattered everywhere and I had to start over? Yeah...well....I was putting away my little mayo jar from using it and I dropped it it slipped from my hands, fell to the tile floor, and shattered. Glass flew... and consequently so did the mayo. Back to the drawing board...AGAIN! Grrr. Darn my clumsiness!

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