Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Name Game

What's in a name? Do you look for a name that's meaningful or unique? Trendy? Firm? Classic? Were you named after an ancestor or close family member? Or were you like me and named out of a baby names book because your awesome mama wanted it to be fun and different!? (I love you Mom AND my name! And thank you for not naming me Tamara or LaToya...they were in the front of my baby book as options.) If you've named a child before, did you take into consideration of how it will suit him or her when elderly? And I even go the other direction as well, there are some names I love for adults that do not seem to suit a child. At the end of the day, does any of this matter? Some say it does. I have actually never really thought about naming my children after someone that I love or have looked up to. I just always wanted my children's names to be different and unique. Hence Keshlyn and Kyden. (totally not good grandparent's names though...)

Their names do have meaning to me. Keshlyn is inspired from my name. Jolee is spelled that way because my middle name is Lee and I have always loved the French language. I took a couple years in college and would love to be fluent someday. Jolie means pretty. And I thought that was fitting for my pretty little girl.

Kyden has his name because I always thought the name Kye or Kai was a great boy's name. But I didn't want to just name him Kye. I am a nickname person or a name shortener...which to some may be annoying. I like to call people by shorter names (i.e. Jennifer = Jen, Jessica= Jess, Debbie= Debs etc.) I tacked on "den" to make it longer. And I wanted to spell his shortened name "Ky" because of my love for my home state of Kentucky.

So if you missed the news from my last blog post and video we are having a...


I like the idea of naming her after my two grandmothers. They were very influential to me growing up. Shannon loves the idea of naming her after someone we love but just doesn't like the sound of the name that I had picked out.  He vetoed me. 

SO.....needless to say I have no other ideas. I told him he is in charge of naming this little lady. He is taking on the challenge. He has offered 2 names. I like them but am unsure if  they're "it." I like having a few options though so we can decide when we see her cute little face.

Keshlyn has been very clear on her name choice. She says her sister is to be named "Cinderella." 

If you do not want my child to be named Cinderella or Kenya, please provide some name ideas for this lady in pink! :) 

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