Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Today is the end of my 21 day sugar detox!!!! It has been fantastic. I have went 20 and three quarters of a day completely sugar free! 

Explanation: Shannon is the Satan of Sweets. He has been a pretty good partner in this sugar detox, but occasionally he would try and get me to have candy or some treat. I didn't cave. EXCEPT the night that we planned the "gender reveal" I tried to get Shannon to agree to purchasing a baby gender appropriate outfit, wrapping it, and video us opening the outfit to send to my family. Satan of Sweets chose CUPCAKES! Due to videoing error, we ended up needing to reshoot 3 times and therefore we ate 2  cupcakes for the recording. Let me just tell you it was not worth it. I was SO sick. It's weird cause no sugar for 16 days straight and then 2 cupcakes that are heavily frosted= throw up! yuck!

So besides that little hiccup, I have done without honey, maple syrup, store-bought peanut butter, cow's milk, bread, oatmeal, pasta, pre-packaged seasonings, anything packaged or processed, ketchup, salad dressing, store-bought mayo, fruit (aside from one green banana or green apple/day), potatoes, and sugar for 20 and 3/4 days!!!!!! :)

I feel great and it really hasn't been hard. What do I look forward to tomorrow? Honey on my muffins for breakfast! They need a hint of sweetness! :) 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

What am I thankful for? I've had a rough past week and my husband always looks for ways to cheer me up. He sent me the following in a text tonight that truly made me LAUGH OUT LOUD! I'm thankful for a hot husband! :)


  1. Hey, I'd love to ask you more about this. Can you email me at ? I have lots of digestive issues and questioning a "paleo" approach. >..but I'm worried cause I have no access to hormone-free things, am lower weight/energy , and suspect an egg I'm not sure if "paleo" is a good idea or not. Oye. Email if you can/want. you look great!