Friday, November 16, 2012


Gender Reveal Parties? Fun or lame? Well of course it's kind of lame and cheesy...but that's how I roll. I'm so glad that I had planned a tiny little reveal dinner party for tonight at a friend's house in Vegas, stayed up late to make a cute little "Bow or Beau" banner and cut out lots of mustaches and pink bows (Thanks, Collett for the help)...ONLY TO WAKE UP this morning to a Keshlyn with CONJUNCTIVITIS! 

Look at my sad, sweet girl! And then come to find out my friend Jennifer (host of the gender reveal event) was awakened by the same thing by her little boy this morning! Except her poor Cole had pink eye in both eyes. Needless to say, we had to cancel the night. I was super bummed (mainly because I needed some adult interaction).  

But I still wanted my family in Kentucky to receive the news in a fun way, so we decided to tell them with cupcakes and a video. We were super giggly because it took us THREE TRIES to get it right. (*ahem, we won't blame the operator at all....because she didn't have it recording the first The frosting was so rich that it made us sick to eat it on the third take, so Shannon went with pretending. He's such a good actor. *cough* Take a gander. 

It's A.....

Sorry the video is so was done on the phone.

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