Monday, October 1, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Tip toeing into our bedroom little Keshy goes while Daddy is trying to catch a nap when returning home from a sleepless night at the station.

I catch her and have this conversation all in a whisper,

Me: “Kesh. What are you doing?”
Kesh: “Shhh. I’m sneaking in to find my Dad’s wallet.”
Me: “Why?”
Kesh: “To buy me a Sleeping Beauty dress.”

For crying out loud! She’s 3! Where in the world does a 3 year old come up with the idea to be sneaky and after her dad’s money already to buy her a dress!? Isn’t that supposed to wait until prom!? J She makes me laugh.

My little man cracks me up too. He just seems to be the epitome of a boy. He has this baby deep voice that he uses to mumble things to me. and he will run so fast that he becomes top heavy and crashes into EVERYTHING head first. He runs into walls and chairs and cabinets. But he enjoys his head taking the beating. As a matter of fact, he takes the remote control and hits himself in the head with it…on purpose. Over and over again. He laughs. He thinks he’s a comedian. When I tell him, “Owie. That hurts. Don’t do that,” and take it away, he uses his fist to beat himself in the head. Kesh thinks he’s hysterical. And yes, he leaves marks and bruises on himself. He likes to pick up a ball and attempt to throw it (he just drops it behind his back) and then he cheers crazily for himself by performing a thunderous applause. His body shape looks like a block. He’s just a solid kid that doesn’t stop running, falling, and self-inflicting pain. He sure is happy though. His smile brightens the whole room.

So you know how some people have feelings about what they’re having when they’re pregnant? I’ve never had that with my other two. But, this time I have a gut feeling it’s a girl…even though I would love to have another boy for a few different reasons. I had acne with Baby 1 terribly. My grandmother thought I had chicken pox. With Baby 2, I had none whatsoever. Now, I’m not much a believer in the old sayings like how you carry determines if it’s a boy or girl. I’ve squashed that “universal 100% truth” by my other two children. With my girl every other person would stop me and say ,” Oh you’re having a boy!” I would correct them and they would look at me puzzled and say, “are you sure?” To which I would have to eventually reply, “yep, I’ve seen her vagina a few times myself.” People loved that… And with my boy, everyone said it was a girl because of how I carried. Wrong again. I don’t believe that those “sayings” are always right. Every woman is different. However, for me, if this is a girl, then I will at least know that the “acne saying” is true for me because this time around…I have acne again. So is it true that if you have acne, it’s a girl? I guess we’ll see. And about that, I would like to wait until birth to find out while my hubby says he just can’t wait. So, I think I want to have a gender revealing party to make it a little more fun for me. Have you ever been to one or hosted one yourself?

How am I doing? That’s always a loaded question, isn’t it? Well, I’ve relocated to a small town and it has been an adjustment. Who am I kidding? It’s going to be an adjustment for a while…I’m from a small town so the “inconvenience” of the small town doesn’t really bother me (i.e. 20-30 minutes of driving to go to the movies or grocery shopping etc…) And it doesn’t bother me to run into everyone I know (eventually) in the gas stations. I’m down for that. What bothers me in a small town is lack of opportunity and complacency. People are very friendly but I think because there isn’t a high move-in rate here it may be hard to meet people. People have their families and their long-time friends. Not to mention it’s never easy to meet people when you’re busy with children. Granted I’ve only been here 7 weeks which I know is not a lot of time but so far I’ve gathered a few things.

1.) People don’t really “hang out” here. If you have a family here, then that’s who you’re always around. But if you don’t, you don’t. I’ve asked a handful of different people if they get together with other friends to go to dinner or for a group date or for a game night… The answer is always, “no, not really.” BORING! Lol Seriously, though.

2.) Some people are complacent and don’t welcome change. Traditions are great, but sometimes change and trying something new is good. I truly believe that. We need to open our eyes to more than one way of doing something.

3.) People in general aren’t motivated to take care of their bodies.  It seems majority of people do not exercise or care about eating healthy here. There is no gym here and so unless you are a runner, you really have to just figure it out and get creative. We have ordered all of our own equipment for the two of us and we’ll just be a mobile crossfit gym for now.  In the near future we will accumulate enough stuff for additional people to work out with us…if we can recruit anyone to be interested. That will be the real struggle.

Can you tell me why I’m 26 years old and I’m finding minimum of 2 gray hairs each day for the last 2 weeks!?!?!? WHAT!? I haven’t dyed my hair in about 1 year for a couple of reasons. 1) I wanted to just be me for a while and learn to be happy with my features. And even more so #2) I wanted to save money towards our next house down payment fund. $100+/month was getting a little old. But really? That many gray hairs!? I did tell Shannon I may have to go dye my hair brown before too long because I already feel frumpy and unattractive as it is with being pregnant again (I experience this frumpy funk each time) and with kids all over me all day long I can’t really feel sexy. So the hair…it’s gonna have to be fixed! Soon!

My little cheeks boy is allergic to wheat. People ask me if it is really hard with snacks and dinner. I don’t think it is at all. We don’t eat many carbs anyway so I don’t find it that challenging. My little guy is pretty much a “paleo” eater. Our go-to's are fruits, vegetables, and meats. That’s pretty much how we eat every day. It is nice that he can have rice and potatoes. Those are very filling not to mention quick and easy for toddler foods. I’m a sucker for trying new recipes and I’ve enjoyed this allergy pushing me to finally buy almond flour and experiment. I’ve been using coconut flour which I love for certain things but for other things like pancakes, they’re just not the best. If you are eating paleo, gluten free, or low carb diets HoneyvilleAlmond Flour is the only way to go. It is the best. I’ve made banana bread muffins and some BOMB blueberry nut butter muffins with the flour. It’s nice to have another healthy option for chubby cheeks and for me!

Fall is in the air…or just in my mind. The 100 degree weather doesn’t reflect the season. Can the weather come down a little bit so I can start to enjoy the most magical time of year for me?

Halloween crafts and treats are around the corner…


  1. I didn't know you were pregnant again! Congrats! When are you due??

  2. March 24! Apparently I think I'm super woman! ;)