Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Personal Attachment

Do you ever have a moment where you realize how grateful you are for something specific? Even something easily overlooked?

Today, I had a little tender mercy. A friend who now lives in Spokane, WA came into town in Overton and decided to come visit me. She wanted to see how I was doing and expressed she had been worried about me and how I was managing since the move. We don't speak weekly or often even due to crazy lives so far apart but I do adore her. I wish we had the opportunity to visit more often. I'm so thankful for her thoughtfulness and the time she took out of her day to check in on me. It meant the world to me. Thanks, Jenae!

Her small service today made me realize how grateful I am for those who have had a personal attachment to me by feelings of affection: friends.

There are different kinds of friends. Some may use the term loosely to anyone he/she may be friendly with. I consider these acquaintances. I'm grateful for those as well. But a friend, to me , is someone who over the years in some way or another has reached out to me, cared about me individually, thought about me and acted upon it, checked in with me, uplifted me, and/or influenced me for the better. I, of course, try to do the same. It's definitely a 2 way street.

Friends are funny things sometimes. When you're younger, you can't live without them. When you're married, your best friend is now your husband. And many women and men do away with friends altogether. Both my husband and I still find friends very valuable. I still desire to keep, make, and maintain girlfriends because there's only so much my husband wants to hear about new fun crafts I'm going to try from pinterest or my latest makeup discovery! :)

Now that I'm in Logandale I've truly been missing my handful of good friends from Vegas who have always been there. It takes time to be a good friend and to forget yourself and think about someone else. It takes time and effort to try and make someone else's day. A thoughtful phone call or card can sometimes mean everything to someone. I admit at times I find myself needing to do better as well. I do try to be a good friend to others. I find that the effort results in a meaningful and fulfilling friendship. So, here's to all of you who have influenced me, made me laugh, dropped in to say hi, gotten to know me and cared about me individually: I love you for it. I thank you. I'm forever indebted to you. I look forward to serving you more fully in the future.

In honor of friendship- here are a few pictures below. If I went back to the beginning of my memory, I would have MANY more pictures to post of friends that have been dear to me. But for now, I only have pics from the years of married life on my new computer.

My very best friend,
Thanks for loving me unconditionally and supporting me no matter what!

My Mumsie,
Thank you for all the support, laughs, and love any friend could ever hope for. A mother is the ultimate friend. You have always, without fail, believed in me. I love you so much.

 Mamaw Shirley,
Thanks for your wonderful example and guidance.

Mamaw 'Nita, 
Thanks for the wonderful friendship in my younger years. You helped some of my dreams come true.

Bobby, Dukes, Megs, Jake, Jill,
Thanks for some great memories on the lake! I will cherish them forever.

Thanks for being there for me at all times..even if you did wear the same stinky ol' hat forever! :)

 Jill, & Laura,
Thanks for the long nights of fun, laughter, and support. Together we grew.

Our friendship has continued to grow over the years. I never needed a sister because I have you. You are a special person in my life that I can never ever forget! Thank you for caring about me even though we are so far apart. It goes to show that true friendship can last no matter the bumps in the road and the distance between us. 

Mander Bananer,
Thanks for letting me be me without any apologies. You get me. You always make me laugh. 

Thanks for being a big sister to me. You always have the best advice.

Erin, Kira, Holly, 
Thanks for some good times and laughs. Laughter is one of my favorite past-times.

 Sweet Megs,
Thanks for all the times you stopped by because you felt inspired. Thanks for the wonderful card from some time ago that contained a clipping from a magazine with a quote that is still pinned on my bulletin board. It counseled me to just try my best and realize that's all I can do. Thanks for all of the encouraging conversations and for letting me be quirky, opinionated, crazy me!

Thanks for being real. A real person and a real friend. Someone who is honest and caring and so non-judgmental. You are selfless and willing to be a listening ear anytime I need. Thanks for being my crafty friend and for passing on some of your wisdom. Thanks for making me laugh. "bahamas!" And thanks for agreeing to be a Junk Gypsy with me once our kids are older...if they ever get older. :) 

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