Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I know having to show Identification is important to safeguard over-the-counter drugs being sold to minors, however it was quite frustrating when I went to Wal Mart today (which i hate) specifically to purchase 2 items. 1 of which they didn't have and the other- nasal decongestant for a 3 year old. Trying to speed things along all I took in was my debit card and my child who has been whining and complaining about her stuffy nose. We get to the counter with the children medicine and bc I didn't have my wallet she refused to give it to me. Seriously? She wouldn't budge. The only reason I am here with my child who is miserable holding my hand and now I can't get her the relief!? Grrrr.

To top it all off, sweet Shan made another trip in to grab some medicine equipped with his wallet and he wasn't even carded!? Annoying!

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